Friday, August 2, 2013

My Winnings

I am a member of the Stitchervillage, I play as many games as possible on this site they have games often, the site would give you a list of words and you would pick 15 out of 30 and wait for game nite, on game nite you go into the chat room and play, now I am not a winner  I have played several games on Stitchervillage, the format has been changed, now it is Bingo, you get a Bingo card and play that way, I was a winner last month a big winner, thank-you to Stitchersvillage for the prizes I won, and here they are.

Mixed Berry Cheesecake with threads, fabric, beads and pattern, I love this lovely little kit, I will start stitching on it at Needlework Guild next week. (see my bingo card) yahoo.

I am such a Another Button Company fan I was so surprised to win this kit, everything is including, even the stitck pins, I plan on working on this on saturday after mass and dinner.
If you are not a member please check the site out
There is a chat room with many stitchers that are a hoot, chat usually starts about 19:00 I donot get to go to the chat room often due to work, but I do try.
There are also sites to visit and shop, a place to show what you have worked on and many other things to be involved with.
On wednesday next week i am leaving for Retreat in Buffalo, Mn. This is put on by Minnesota Needlework Guild, I have never gone before to this retreat so am in wonder of what I will find  at first I thought it was expensive, but found out it is not so bad the teachers fees are included in the price along with lodging and meals.
They have a Sisters Of The Heart exchange, I did sign up for this, I cannot show you what I have made and collected right now because this person may be a follower of mine and she would see what i have done, I really want it to be a surprise.
Well I am working at home this week again and need to get to work, have apleasant week-end with lots of stitching.


Christina said...

Oh those pins from Another Button Company are gorgeous! Green with envy! ;0)

Kathy Ellen said...

Congratulations on your wonderful winnings from Stitcher's Village! Those buttons are really special and I know that you will make some beautiful pins with them.

Blessings for a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your lovely winnings!
Happy weekend (:

Hopblogger said...

Congrats on the fabulous win!!
Many kisses,

Penny said...

You won some lovely things! Retreats always sound like such fun - hope you have a great time! :)

Tatkis said...

Wonderful winnings! Congratulations!


Pumpkin said...

How exciting! Congratulations Catherine :o) I'm so jealous that you won a JABC kit. I've been admiring those for a long time now.

Hope you have fun at your retreat. I miss going to mine. They're so much fun :o)

Catherine said...

Wonderful goodies!

Parsley said...

So wonderful! Don't you just love goodies!?! So happy to 'meet' you and return the blog follow. :)

Kimmie said...

Holy moly! look at all those charts!!!!! :0)