Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Retreat Post 2013

 Welcome to all my new followers I hope I donot bore you with my posts.
I was at the Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat from 8/7/2013 till 8/10/2013, I should have been there until sunday but had to leave on saturday evening Mike became very ill at church during Mass on that saturday, an ambulance had to come check him out Father Victor called my cell to let me know,  I was lucky enough to be only fourteen miles from home, the Retreat was at the Kings House Retreat Center in Buffalo, just east of where I live.
I had such a great time, the ladies were a hoot at my table, I sat with three lovely ladies that were from North Dakota and one from Minnesota up north.
The picture on the side  is from Elaine, she knows I have a fetish for buttons and somehow knows I love the colors pink and lavander, she stitched this herself, it is lovely, thank-you Elaine. (not sure if she follows my blog)
She made this just for me, her work is perfect such wonderful stitching.

Secret Sister Exchange 

At retreat there was a Secret Sister Exchange, this is  like a Secret Santa game, you are given a name that needs to be kept secret until the reveal on saturday night, however I did not follow the direction closely, I did look in my retreat information and that is the info I was missing, you were to give a small gift each day starting on wednesday, I gave my Secret Sister all hers in one big lump, I gave her a lovely box from Joann fabrics with a bow and magnetic closer in the colors of purples and lavanders, a Blackbird Designs Pattern, a pin in the shape of a heart made with felt and a zipper, chocolatess and a plastic project bag that I cross stitched Elaines initials on and attached to the bag.

The Secret Sister I had was great at picking out things I like, the note pad is something I use daily, I love the Mary Englebreit  pin cushion is so sweet, I love trims and the Spring Simple Treasures is so cute I will work on that soon, I have never owned a Vera Bradley now I do, I love it along with the tin box and tape measure, the zipper bag on the bottom is so cute I am so lucky to have done this exchange I will do it again next year if they have one.

This is a Bareroots pattern I finished at retreat, I just have to finish the other candle mat this week-end, this is about 6 inches across and all done by hand, I love working with wool and making penny rugs.

These are a couple of things that greated me in my room, there was also a metal drinking  bottle which I love because I hate drinking out of plastic.
My Roommate was a lady that was so  gracious and lovely, we  hit it off right away she is a beautiful needlepointer, she was working on a project for her daughter.

The food was good and lots of it, we had a lot of fun sitting with different ladies each meal, it is fun to learn about other peoples likes and dislikes.

I took a class from Lynn Payette, she is a hoot we talked about women in the service, she was in the Navy, she is a very interesting lady to talk to.
I took her San Antonio Angel class it was well worth the money. I will finish her sometime soon, I just need to do a little repair on her arm.

The above four pictures are from the destash pile at retreat I did take lots of stuff and dropped off  lots of patterns,  I  sure made a haul when I looked through the pile, I know I donot need anymore stash but how could I resist the Quaker Boo and the Jenny Bean Christmas patterns along with the rest of my finds.
I will be adding another post this week-end of some other things from retreat.
I hope all is well with you all.
Gods Blessings to you.



Deborah said...

Hope your husband is feeling better. The retreat sounded like fun. Wonderful exchange pieces.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so sorry your hubby became so ill but glad he is okay! Some lovely pieces there.

Marilyn said...

The retreat sounds like fun.
Nice stash you received!
Hope hubby is ok now.

Chris said...

Is your husband ok?
It looks like you had a wonderful time. The angel is so sweet.

meggie said...

Lovely stitching and great stash! Sounds like you had a great time (:

Penny said...

What a scary incident for you and your husband. Hope he is okay. The retreat sounds like it was a lot of fun! And stitchy gifts are always great. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Hope your husband is okay now. You made out like a bandit at the retreat! Love that candle mat. I have that pattern in my stash; I should get on it!

Tatkis said...

Lovely creations and great chart finds :)


Hopblogger said...

Nice patterns! I hope that Mike's illness is not serious!!
Much love sent your way!