Friday, July 19, 2013

IHSW Weekend

Donot forget this is the IHSW weekend I plan on finishing my Pines Sampler from Jeanette Douglas, I was going to have it finished on july fourth but had to put it aside because of company that day and because of work, finally I am seeing the end of the tunnel.
I only have about three hours left to finish stitching, then off to get framed.
I want to remind you to go over to Nancy at, she is having a great givaway, also she has her full collection of threads on sale for the full line, you will have to look at a couple of her previous post to find the post to sign up for the givaway, good luck.

This is something I was able to get stitched together, I love the  Just Another Button Company patterns, as you can see I have a rabbit corner going on in my entryway,  the carrot was done last fall and the Rabbit was finished last month I have not posted pictures for a while, the tall rabbit in the dress is an Annalee Mobilite doll that I found at a second hand store for a whopping five dollars, I love the look on her face.
I made a scissor protector from a pattern I found on Remake Remix Redo blog site, Conny designed this, it was a super fast stitch, I plan on making more with a different color fabric.
This little visitor was on my deck railing for a very long timr I think it is adorabl, he or she let me get very close, mom and dad were  going nuts when I went out to take this picture, the little sweetheart did finally get its wings and flew for a very long time when it finally left I sat and watched it for a long time.
Well it is afterall IHSW weekend so I need to get to stitching.
Hugs everyone.



Deborah said...

Really cute rabbit and carrot. i love the scissor holder.

Chris said...

Lovely finishes! I hope that you have a great stitching weekend!

Karyn said...

Gorgeous finishes Catherine!
The Rabbits are adorable, both hand made and purchased, I just love them!
I love the scissor keep, so very pretty :)
Have a great weekend

Catherine said...

Great goodies!! Love that scissor holder!

Penny said...

What a cute rabbit! The scissor protector looks like a great idea - I've poked myself too many times. :) Hope you were able to get a lot of stitching in over the weekend.

Jeanne said...

Love your rabbit & carrot - I like those JABC patterns too and have to reign myself in from buying more.

I look forward to seeing your new finish when you post it!

Vickie said...

Wow! That rabbit is sooo impressive. Could you tell me where to find directions for the scissor protector please? Thank you.

Tatkis said...

Wonderful bunny, and the scissor case is so cute!


Hopblogger said...

Just Another Button Company has beautiful patterns. Thank you for making the Scissor's Case. I hope you are enjoying it.
Much love,