Sunday, December 2, 2012

I have been very busy with a little stitching

I want to welcome all my new followers so sorry I have not welcomed you in the past few months.
I have stitched an exchange which I sent to Jayne in Fla. (no blog) she will post pictures on the Blackbird Designs exchange site soon.
I did recieve a beautiful pillow from my exchange partner Laura She is from the beautiful country of Mexico,  we go to Mexico everyyear.
What Laura made for me os from my favorite holliday a lovely Pillow with an halloween design, the Black Cat Pin Cushion, I tottally love it, Laura also added lace trim something I have a passion for I have two drawers full now I have some black and white to use on my stitching,  all I have in my drawers now are cream and other colors, thank-you Laura, you are a sweetheart. Laura do a beautiful job?

Next is the box top I stitched for Jayne, I love the box and tha pattern, this is part of a pattern I love the urn with flowers this is from the book Honeysuckle Manor, the pattern is from the Hannah Lovina Joslin-1856 pattern.
I hope Jayne likes it as much as I did when I finished with it.
Next up is the new addition of a very small family nenber, her name is Blondie really its (StarLyn) that is what my Mother wanted us to call her that was almost my name but my Father said he did not like it so I was named after my Aunt (paternal) and my GrandMother (maternal), I am not sad about it I like both names. This is where I insert the picture or should I say pictures of Blondie.
                                                Miss Queen Bee Herself sitting so pretty 
                                                           Trying to steal Tootsie Pops
                                                    Eating some treats out of Dads hand

She was abandoned at a home forecloser, not many of her family members survived she was about 5-6 weeks old when we got her two weeks ago, the vet said she had no lice, fleas or anykind of bug but she did have two weeks worth of medications twice a day, her eyes were matted shut and had a very bad case of the bugers, I know I had the unpleasant pleasure of this event on the first day, now she is healthy and really active, I just wish she would sleep at night and not during the day.
She thinks she is so cute o.k. she is, she has gained 2 pounds 3 ounces since she came home with us, it was a total surprise for me I have been wanting a new cat since Verne the Cat was 19 years old and needed to be put to sleep he was so sick. That was 2 years ago..
Rest in peace my baby boy, Verne.
Now I have to tell you I have been so busy at work that I am putting in so much overtime 80 plus hours a week I usually only work 62 hours so the extra hours are getting to me I get very little time to stitch, we have two guys out I am the senior person so I get to have all the overtime just in time for Christmas.
I have been trying to catch up on some stitching I started long ago, I also have been able when I am home to go to a couple of beading classes, I will post pictures of my projects later this week.

Merry Christmas  and Happy Hanukkah


Chris said...

So nice to see an update from you. It sounds like you have been working crazy hours butthe OT must be great.
Welcome Blondie. She looks like a sweetie and has found the perfect home.
The exchange pieces are both beautiful!
I hope you have a wonderful December!

Catherine said...

So good to hear from you! Yikes ~ sounds like so many hours at work ~ hope it slows down for you.
Love all of your stitchy goodies!
What a sweet little one ~ she is a very lucky kitty to have found a home with you!

Deborah said...

Lovely exchange pieces! Blondie is so sweet. Glad that she found you.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a darling exchange piece!!
And a sweetie kitty too!

Kimmie said...

Awwwwww......she's a cutie!!!!!!

albirginia said...

Qué afortunada!!, Laura pone mucho amor en lo que hace...

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
The exchanges are so nice. I am sure she will like her gift from you!
StarLyn - hey I like it. The name is so different. Blondie will like her name! Enjoy her.
Many hugs and kisses, Conny