Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gone for so long

I am so ashamed of myself for not blogging for over a month, it has been so very busy with two guys out because of health issues and that puts me on the road more often then I want.
When I signed on for this job I knew there would be times when i woukld put in lots and lots of hours.
With my Mother being ill and getting worse that takes up more time, now I am not complaing at all I just wish I had 48 hours in a day.
I have done some stitching and lots of baking for the Holiday Season, lots and lots of cakesballs, yummy and yummy.
I recieved  a box of cross stitch patterns, threads and lots of stitching stuff, from my Friend at Church, Judy says she just cannot do it anymore, so I went through all of the stuff and found lots of goodies, she had a felt Christmas picture she started way back in 1980, I am finishing it, I usually donot do anything with seaquins and felt but this was just way to cute not to finish, that is what I am going to finish tonight, I promise I will post pictures and blog more often.
We do have a new addition to our Family it is a rescue from a home forecloser, the owners left all the animals and we were lucky to have this little one come to our home.
This is what it looks like to do bills around the holidays she was kind of helping Dad and just could not handle it anymore.
O.K. Dad put it in the envelope already and lets cuddle.

Just a few Christmas decorations this year I sure would like to have done more decorating but the time elements were to tight, and with a new critter in the house she would have torn down a big tree so I did the three small ones on the kitchen window table.
Not much done in the guest bathroom either she likes the tiolet paper( we had to hide that also) so veru little decorating done in that room also.
I did take a little time for myself and took a beading class and made an ornament, which I love and plan on making more for next year for gifts. This was bugger for a first timer I think I said a bad word but not like one of the other Ladies at the class, the ornament is much prettier in person.
I like these so much.

This is what I woke up to on wednesday last week they are so beautiful, just a little cracked corn in the bird bath and they are staying around, they have to be some of the most beautiful birds God created.
Yes look at the snow it is so pretty but so not nice it is about 11 degrees above 0 how lucky are we.
I do long for warmer weather oh yes I do.
When I was young I loved snow now at 61 I can live without it.
I hope all had a beautiful Holiday Season so far, I sure have Santa was very good to me.

Merry Christmas




Kimmie said...

Love your photos!!! Love the kitten...she looks like such a sweetie!!!!

Catherine said...

Wonderful catch~up post! What a sweet new addition to your home.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

A beautiful post with a sweet little star :)
What kind of bird is that? A quail?

Merry Christmas!!!

Joanie said...

Great catchup! Merry Christmas and your home looks beautiful. Glad you could rescue that cute kitty!

Ziggyeor said...

Love the decorations, I didn't throw much decoration up this year either. I love the edition to your family. I just lost my ferret a week ago but not ready for another pet yet. We hope to move soon so no more pets for a while I think.

Chris said...

Hey Catherine!
So nice to see an update from you! That ornament is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the project of your friends that you are finishing.
Welcome to your sweet new kitten. The Christmas decorations are lovely. Such beautiful phesants.
I hope that work and other responsibilities ease up a little for you. Wishing you all the best in 2013.

Hopblogger said...

The cute little kitten is so fresh. We know who is boss now! Beautiful home and beaded ornament. Your home is very prettily decorated for Christmas. Hope Santa was good to you!
Love Conny