Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rember All who Serve or have Served

I love this picture this is a picture from an email I recieved from my Wonderful Husband, I am not sure who this Man is, but it sure does have an impact on my heart.
Mike  was in the Navy during Vietnam era, they were a communications ship carring an Admiral, he was on the USS ELDORADO.
I think of the wonderful Men and Women who give to our Country everyday by serving in the Military, how unselfish they are, I also think of all the many Men and Women from past wars that gave up their time to serve but did not survive to come home, how lucky we are to have such dedicated Men and Women.
If you do not do a thing this week-end at least remember them in your prayers if you donot pray what a better time to start.
We must also remember the Families that are stateside, Feedom is not free please remember that small sentance.



Anonymous said...


I like your post and I agree that no matter where in the world you are you should always remember the men and women from your country who served in wars.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
This is a wonderful posting! The military people are wonderful people that sacrifice their own well-being to make our civilian population free. Everything has a price. All of these servicemen are someone's children that are just doing their job.
My prayers go out to every service man and woman. For those that have died before us - may they rest in peace. And for those that remain may there be peace in their lives.

Chris said...

Thanks Catherine for this wonderful image.
I am thinking of your husband and all the other servicemen and women past, present and future on this holiday.