Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 WE are grandma and grandpa this week, a Robin and her husband moved in on our front porch about three weeks ago, constructing their home, they blessed us with four eggs and four lovely babies.
I do know that they will have to lay eggs once more before they move on, I do wish they would have built somewhere else like the back yard under the deck they woulkd have had 52 feet to choose from, oh no they wanted a front yard view, they are so much fun to watch, we mounted a mirror on the ceiling  so I can look out the office window and see what is going on.
The only problem is we cannot sit out there until they are gone, I like to drink coffee in the morning on my days at home, oh well I'll wait it is worth the pause in the birthing rite.
I have had a bit of a time the last three weeks I have been busy with work and lots of Family things going on.
I sure do miss reading blogs and commenting, hopefully things are back to normal aside from the long hours I am putting in at work, I do like the fast pace I am in now, I will look back and see how much I will have earned retirement, when I do finally retire.

This is some of the satsh I found at a thrift store I love trims and other things to make my stitching look nice, the candle stitcks are for hearts and other stitchery I will be doing I have found on other blogs that people are using them to use as holders.
I like that idea, the springs are from old spring matresses, I am going to use them for halloween bobble heads this fall, I made a cat bat and pumpkin last year and used dowels for the heads, I think I will like the springs better they will give them a scary look.

My Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine came last week I really need to sit down and look through it. Well I should get to bed I was up at 0 dark hundred this morning and left the house at 05:00, I am soooo tired.    


Anonymous said...

Your little birdies are so precious. Cool to be able to see them, the mirror was a great idea. I'm sure the mom and dad are pretty purtective right.
Are you familiar with the Decorah Eagle cam project that has been on You-tube the last 2 years. You could have your own with the mirror set up...well sort of. ;)
Enjoy the weekend coming up.

Chris said...

Hey Catherine,
So nice to see a longer post from you. It sounds like your schedule has worked out and maybe you have some more time.
I love the robins, the color of their eggs always amazes.
Lovely new stash.

Catherine said...

Such sweet babies! We have some on our front porch as well. They do make quite the mess as they get bigger ~ I suppose just like children! ;)
Love the mirror idea ~ very cool!

Linda said...

It is fun to watch little birds grow up. Nice thrift shop finds :-)

Ascension said...

Que sitio mas original para anidar, son unos pajaritos preciosos.
besitos ascension

Penny said...

The baby robins are so sweet! Looks like you found some nice things at the thrift store and I love the blue fabric! :)

Hopblogger said...

It is always good to have someone come stay with you. Constant company. Love the finds at the thrift store.
Many hugs and kisses sent your way

Ziggyeor said...

cute birdies. I hope you get some sleep! Love the new stash.

Anonymous said...

Those little birds are so lovely!

Great finds at the thrift shop.
Hope you have a good weekend.