Monday, August 1, 2011

Some pictures and an update

 This is my second attempt at The Birds Of A Feather stitching, I had to rip out so much just because I was off by one stitch, oh how that hurt I thought I was doing so well, I am going to make sure I have the correct amount of stitches and finish the border first then on to the rest of the stitches. This is  With My Needle & Thread, three part series I love the size and the beautiful colors, I recieved this as a Random Act Of Kindness from Patty Hurwitz at The Stitchersvillage, another site I am in love with it. Please stop over at the Village and take a look.

 Connie at Hoppblogger asked about needlerolls, I have several I have made more but gave them away, I have used needleroll patterns and made needlerolls from other patterns, I do have a few more and will post more pictures in the future, the one above is about nine inches long one of my favorites, I use needlerolls for different  stitching get togethers.
 This basket is sitting on my table under my kitchen window, I do change them for different seasons, I did leave the snowman in the middle of this basket for Connie I hear she likes snowmen.
 This one sits on my tea room floor, my husband calls the living room the tea room because it is so bright and sort of pink, maroon and dark blue, we donot have a t.v. in this room it is only for sitting and reading and stitching I do have five areas I stitch in, during the summer I stitch out side on the front porch or the back deck when its not to windy or hot.
I stitch in the family room downstairs I can look out to the fairway and see golfers go by they wave sometimes, I sit in my sewing room depending on how much I have to do in there with stitching.
I do sit in the office and stitch in between calls from patients clinics hospitals and customers I am a chauffer but also a jackie of all trades for Allina the company I work for.

So sorry about the pictures I took pictures at night something I donot normally do,
I will post again this week more pictures of a couple of things I am working on.

Blessings to you all


Patty C. said...

So sorry about having to start over - It will just mean all the more to you when completed !!!

Needlerolls are a wonderful accessory don't you think :)

Gabi said...

What a bummer that you had to frog so much. Hopefully it will work out fine from now on.
Love your needle rolls

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about the froggin' - if it helps, I had to frog a side of my border too - also due to one thread!!! Ugh!
Your needlerolls are beautiful! I've never tried making one of those.

Lainey said...

Sorry you had to start over on your lovely new start.
What a wonderful collection on needlerolls you have.
Thanks for visiting Ned and leaving a comment.

Edgar said...

Sorry to read about the re-do and all that frogging!!

Ellen said...

Love your needle rolls, they are gorgeous!


Hopblogger said...

Boo-boo's have a way of testing us. It still will be goregeous when you finish it.
Lovely Needlerolls!
lol's - I noticed your snowmen right away -but the others are also beautiful.
Loved the roses and the pink one.
I cant wait to do some of them.

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh Catherine, I had to rip out some of my border on my Mystery Sampler border too, as you read on my blog, when my dear "Froggy" came to visit! It will all come out beautifully in the end!

Your needlerolls are just beautiful! I have loved stitching them too and have a collection for all of the different holidays and seasons. So much fun to make and display, aren't they?

Blessings for your week ahead!

Kimmie said...

those are all fantastic!!!!!

sorry about the total fun at all

Pumpkin said...

Oh, that would hurt :o( Don't give up though!

Wow, that's A LOT of needle rolls :o) I'm so jealous! LOL!