Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am having trouble adding some of the Bloggers I follow to the side of my main page, can anyone help? I have a few on my sidebar and would like to add others.


Catherine said...

Wish I could help - I don't have mine set up like that. Hopefully someone will be able to help!

Lisa V said...

When you are signed in and looking at your own blog, up the top of your blog there is a heading called "Design", click on this and it opens up your format page, find your blog list box and edit and it will take you in there so you can add/delete etc.
Hope this helps

diamondc said...

Thank-you Lisa: Your information worked.

Chris said...

I thinl that I have this problem too. Thanks for asking this question :)

Donna said...

I would have helped if I read your blog earlier. Sorry , FYI, you can only have 100 blogs on a list and then you have to start another list. I will check out the other blog give away. thanks for the info.