Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look What I found

Today was a long day at work I did get some stitching done I feel so refreshed when I stitch, I have not had a needle in hand for a little while, it felt so good

On the way home from work there were three accidents one of them shut down a part of 694 in the three lane area, my 2 1/2 hour trip ended up being about 3 1/4 hours long, I was so happy to be home, I cleaned the two upper bathrooms I clean in stages on wednesdays and thursdays only because I leave so early in the morning and get home so late that is why I call it a two day cleaning stage.

well I was feeling so sorry for myself that I just needed a pick me up and lo and behold my husband did it he showed me a nest that a returning robin is building every year she returns and builds a nest on our front porch, this one is perhaps the most unique one yet, you can see from the photo that she has one of my fake roses in the middle of the nest, I cannot wait to see the finished product, I will post pictures after it is finished and with eggs in it.

I also wanted to show you my little Peanut the Dog she thinks she is so cute when I put dishes in the dishwasher she thinks she is helping by standing on the door after she gets down I have to clean the door before I can start the thing up, I just donot have the heart to kick her off she is getting old and some of the things she has been doing lately are strange she will stand at the wall and stare at it for a little while and sometimes she will start to bark at nothing after all she is 112 in dog years 16 human years.

I am working on one of my Up For A Challenge 15 this is a thanksgiving pattern I have put this thing aside so many times only because I make a mistake and have to rip out, hopefully I can get this done sometime this week-end.

Stay healthy everyone, pray for good weather and good health.

Blessing to you all



Patty C. said...

That is the most awesome nest ever - I need to teach my birds to include roses - lol

Train the puppy to do the dishes instead of just watching - roflol

Have a great day !!

Joanie said...

Love the bird's nest. We had a robin nest above our dining room window. It was awesome to watch her build and nest.

It was good to see you at my blog. Thanks for the well wishes.

Donna said...

cant wait to see the mom and egg photos and your dog is so cute. what a helper

Kathy Ellen said...

Your sweet little bird's nest is just your rose in the middle of it! Aren't birds so clever? Your "puppy" is just adorable. Our little toy poodle, Meggie is 70 years old in dog years, and she also loves to stand on her hind legs to see what's going into the dishwasher. Love these adorable little babies in fur!