Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Third Finish For The Up For A Challenge

I am so happy I have finished this lovely pattern, I used 28 count linen I am not sure of the type of fabric but it is very soft.

This is a By The Bay Needleart, Donna Bayliss she has such cute patterns to choose from I bought this last year and kept putting it aside I am so glad to have it framed, I used a barn wood for the frame, I think it really complements the picture.

I will start my fourth work in progress tomorrow.

I also wanted to add a picture of the lovely stuff that fell out of the sky today ( I Really do Hate Snow) my poor husband blew out the driveway part of the street so the mailman can get to the mail box tomorrow and our neighbors driveway also, what a great man he is.

I was so lucky I did not have to work today and I donot have to work tomorrow I am so happy to be home, the roads are still slippery in some spots glare ice.

Happy Easter to you all



Catherine said...

Love your finish! That frame completes the look perfectly!

Christina said...

Your 'By the Bay' piece is so lovely - gorgeous shades of yellow. The frame works really well.
Can't believe you have snow and it's nearly April! We are experiencing higher than average temperatures for this time of year and I can't tell you how good it feels!

Hopblogger said...

Hello my friend,
This water scene has beautiful colors in it. I think that your frame matches so nicely. As always your stitching is supurb!