Monday, May 18, 2015

Thank-you for your well wish's and a stitching update

Thank-you all for your well wish's on my illness,  am back to work after 1 1/2 weeks, it was hard I still am a little weak but mending just as well.
I have not had a cold or flu or any related illness for over 12 years, the E.R. said I had pneumonia due to the long hours I am working, I do love my job and know the horizon in near for retirement.
Now I did not  do much stitching when I was ill, I was in bed for almost a week, all I had to eat each day was a bagel, jelly and peanut butter, my favorite sandwich.
Even that did not like me but I had to have something, I will maybe never drink a pepsi again, when ill things taste so much different including chocolate, I will maybe return to chocolate someday.
Now on to some stitching, I had done the grass before getting sick, I stitched the house and will start the fence tonight.
So sorry about the shadow on the picture, I am at a coffee shop, the sun is not out and the lightning is crappy here.

This is our little monster trying to get the door open so she can go outside, she is trying to be sneaky about it she looks back at us and stands up a little taller, still she cannot reach the handle.

Up next is a plastic dog we have had for a couple of years, all of a sudden the cat is afraid of this thing, she howls and screams at it so we had to remove it from the sidelite where I have it every year.

This is some of the wonderful gifts that were given to me at the Stitchville Retreat the first week-end in may.
The first on is from a lovely Lady named Kathy S. she gave us a little round container (I shall use for beads), the cool airplane paper clip I will us on my stitching pages, a magnifier and some bubbles how fun is that, thank-you Kathy S. I love the goodies.

Next is the gift LaRue O. gave to me it is a small box with cardboard floss keepers and the box with duel uses, you will see in the next picture.

This is so cool the box flips over and has a pair of scissors inside, oh how I love this set.
LaRue also included a small magnifier it is so beautiful, I love this gift set.
Thank-you laRue.

Well my coffee is getting cold and I want to do some stitching on my break, Happy Spring to you all.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Retreat, Pneumonia, And Some Stitching

Happy spring to all, thank-you for all your beautiful comments on my last post, I am retiring soon and will have time to respond to all comments  ( I will have more time on my hands).
I went on a wonderful retreat from the 30th of April to the 3rd of May.
The retreat was sponsored by Stitchville USA in Minnesota, it was held at the Oakridge Conference Center in Chaska Minnesota.
What a beautiful venue they have and the food was fantastic.
The Teacher was Ellen Chester from  With My Needle, the class was Kindred Spirits, I love this class so much I want to take more classes from her, I have to say she is a very tiny and lovely Lady, what a ball of fire she is, and her husband is just a hoot and so helpful.
The instructions were so well laid out (done by her wonderful husband) so easy to understand and follow.
The whole kit is positively beautiful, it was well worth giving up lunches out and Starbucks to pay for this class, I would do it again.

This is a Shaker Box, it is about 12 inches long, it is beautiful, I have never had anything like this before.
I need to get my Shepherds Fold done first then my drum from Scattered Seeds done , then I will go full force on this lovely kit.

I want to show you some of the lovely things Deb and Deb chose for our gifts for the retreat, wow they are so generous with their gifts to the participants of the retreat.

Thank-you Ladies for a great week-end. I encourage you to stop by the shop if you are ever in Minnesota.

I have not been stitching at all since last Thursday, I have pneumonia, I have been so ill this past week that I have been in bed since last Friday evening since arriving home from work, I have never been so ill in my life, I have not had a cold or flu in over twelve years, so when it happened it really happened, I am on the mend now and hope to be back to work on Monday, and do some stitching this week-end, I would not wish this on anyone, it is horrible, I am not an easy woman to keep down, but this did it.
This is a picture of the Shepherds Fold  A Full Heart that I worked on last week,
this is the top of the box, there are two more pieces to come to complete the set, I am saving my money this week by not going to Starbucks to buy the next piece that comes out.
It is warm today about 65 degrees I hope it gets warmer so I may sit outside for a half hour tomorrow, wish me luck.
Hugs and spring butterfly kiss's to you all

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wow I have been lost for a while

Greetings to all: Thank-you for your lovely comments to my Easter Post.
I have done little stitching of late, I have been busy working and helping my Mother get ready for a move to a new home.
Now understand my Mother is 84 years young and has a mind as bright as a 16 year old, sometimes that it is very interesting to be with her, she is not afraid to say what is on het mind that is not a bad thing sometimes.
She has just bought her first home, just think her first home wow,  I am so proud of her, so it has been a challenge to get over to help her get packed and ready for a garage sale.
Mother is moving closer to me, she will live only 6 miles instead of the 27 miles now.

Retirement: I have been informed by my wonderful Husband that I will be retiring in October the last friday to be exact of October, I am looking forward to this date. YIPPEE.

Next week is Retreat week-end, I leave for the Conference center in Chaska on Thursday, the Oakridge Conference Center is  so nice, I am really looking forward to this event, Ellen Chester from
With My Needle is teaching the Kindred Spirits Class, this is a Shaker Carrier with a pipkin, scissors holder, pin cube and needleroll with the option of a ruler holder, I am really excited about this class.

I did work on my Jeannette Douglas Biscornu pattern, this one I did on a green fabric I have had for just about forever, I like the color combination, I did not use the colors called for I like to be different.

I was on my way home on Friday from Minneapolis, I could not believe my eyes here is a tom turkey trying to woo two females, he was in full bloom, I could not get a good frontal picture, so I asked him to turn for me and he did oh my goodness, it was amazing I was only about 20 feet from him.

This is a visitor to our corn feeder for the deer, this little one seems to rule the corn bed, he has the blackbirds pacing until he is done, he will not even let another squirrel around.

It is spring finally yippee, I plan on sitting on my front porch drinking a latte and stitching.

Blessings to all


Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen

Happy Blessed Easter to all

Michael & Catherine

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some stitching news

Spring greetings to all:
Welcome to my new followers.
I finished  my Jeannette Douglas Biscornu, it is so sweet, I chose my own colors, I think they work well, what do you think?
I need to do two more for the stack.

Next is my finish of the Shepherds Fold part three Pincushion, I am so happy this is done, it is so sweet, I love beads and button work so this one was for me. I need to do A Full Heart part one and the scissor fob part 2.

I will be starting the part one on Saturday afternoon.

I also finished the Shepherds Bush Needlebook, this is a piece I am not sure of, the wool fabric that came in the kit seems to be way to thick, but I do like it.

I am in love with the Scattered  Seed Sampler A Token OF Spring, Tammy Black is the designer, I joined the club she is offering, you can stop over at her blog and check it out, Tammy is designing  another series of Bunnies.

This is the little girl just relaxing on the sofa table, I know it is not up against the sofa, here she is.

She was in the bedroom looking at something and lop and behold another Asian beetle ick.

Here she is trying to get a leaf that was going back and forth in front of the patio door, it was so much fun watching her, she talked pretty to it then she growled at it then purred at it, I think she was trying to sweet talk it into the house.

Mike is healing so fast, I am so happy for him, he needs to be off work two more weeks, ouch, he like to work, so this is hard for him, he has read 10 books in less then two weeks.
He is not one for t.v. however I am.

Now I am off to stitch, I have itchy fingers so need to put them to work.

Happy Easter

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some stitching and a Blogsot you must see

Hello to all: It is a sunny day here in Minnesota, in my part of Minnesota at least.
I was out on the patio for about 10 minutes, it was a little cool but worth it.
I sure hope spring has finally arrived.
Please Mr. Weatherman no more snow.

I did finish my Hearts Content scissor fob, I just need to construct it and add the trim and tassels.

I also finished the back side of the first Jeannette Douglas Biscornu, I did not do a duplicate of the front side since it will be hidden when tied together with the Biscornu's, I plan on starting the second one this week-end. Not a good picture for some reason.

Now I know I said I was going to start on the scissor fob from Shepherds Bush but I really wanted to get the Goodness and Grace  Pin Cushion done first this is the part three of the Shepherds Fold, I am loving this lovely pattern.

I love the green fabric for the backing, it is so soft and of course enough to do the backing on the scissor fob.

Thank-you all for your kind words for Michael, he is healing slowly but  still unable to use his right arm, a sling for six weeks, poor guy.
I do like to help him, he is so sweet and good to me, he deserves all my attention.
This evening I made coconut tamarind curry chicken and rice it was wonderful, I am full to the top of my head.

I want to tell you about a BlogSpot I have started to follow, this is the link you should stop over and see the super cute patterns she has they are wonderful. Eszter is a wonderful designer, she is very creative.

Well I need to get back to stitching, I am watching Cupcake Wars it is an old one from 2010 but well worth the watch.

Happy Spring
Happy Easter
Happy Stitching


Monday, March 23, 2015

What I did on my ISHW and surgery for Mike

Greetings all: This has been another day that was snowy and cold, I had to shovel a three car driveway this morning, we had 3 inches of snow, Mike had rotator cuff surgery last Thursday and could not  shovel, also he winterized the snowblower last week before surgery,  oh well it did not kill me, perhaps I lost three pounds, wishful thinking.
This is what it look like this morning ick.
Mike just had to get the mail by himself, bad boy I was nearby. Poor guy one arm man.

Last week-end was the ISHW weekend, I did loads of stitching, I did manage to get more done on my Hearts Content scissor fob, hopefully I will finish tomorrow.
I also finished the first of the biscornu pieces and started on  the bottom  piece.
I love this pattern, it is so sweet, I am doing my own colors and adding more beads to this piece.
I need to make a total of three biscornus.
This is a Jeannette Douglas pattern from  2010, this has been in my stash for a while.

I wanted to show you my next project, I plan on working on this in between the Jeannette  Douglas and beading bracelets.
I have been on a Shepherds Bush addiction, I do not know why.
This is the scissor fob from the Shepherds Fold, I stitched the  needle book last month.


I love the Shepherds Bush Fold it is so sweet, I hope to save enough to buy the box that it shows in the picture of the A Full Heart the box top the  first part of the Fold.

Lynn over at is having a great giveaway stop over and see the lovely things she designs and the Kat patterns she has designed.

I am off to stitching some more and watching Dancing With The Stars.

Happy Easter


Friday, March 20, 2015

A warning a few stitching items and some exciting news

Blessings to all my followers:  we had a strange phone call this afternoon, someone called saying they were from Microsoft and that they needed to help us with our computer, however  they were hackers I found out after a lengthy conversation with Michael (my main man) that they have found that 14 people were trying to hack into our computer, we were very careful not to give in they even argued with Michael that they needed to help us,  PLEASE  DO NOT give in to these phone calls they are hackers themselves, I have a friend who did give in and lost everything and  even her credit rating, do PLEASE hang up on them, you will never get a phone call from MSN asking to take over your computer.
I have been without internet service for a few days off and on, the company we have is the only one out here in the sticks to use, they are upgrading to a faster service and messed up the junction box, the big terds, so sorry for the bad language, first a bad computer tower and now this I give  up.

Now for some stitching news, I have been stitching off and on I have been so busy with work last week and part of the week before I was working at home for customer service, I am an all trades girl for the Emergency Service I work for, I am so excited that I am retiring on October 28, 2015, yippee I see loads of stitching and sewing in my future.

I did finish off a couple of ornaments that were waiting in my big drawer of unfinished projects, they are stitched just not completely finished.

The Santa is the  Von Claus #P923 I added a star and hanging thread to finish him.
The Partridge I am not sure of it has been so long since I stitched him, I am so sorry.

This is a Shepherds Bush 2013  scissor fob the pattern was gifted to me by a friend, with the leftover threads, I had to buy the ribbon to finish the edges, oh my the ribbon is not cheap.
The picture shows two fobs but I did them back to back, I like the finish, now I need a new pair of scissors to put it on.

I am not sure of the designer of the kitty pattern on my scissor fob, I did not do a great job of finishing this one, I added black beads on the edges, I used I think 36 count linen,
 The other pattern is a Drawn Thread  A Spot of Spring, I wanted a small scissor fob with this pattern and used 36 count  linen, I like the smallness of this pattern however the French knots were a mess to get on the sheep.

This is what I am working on now, this was a kit I have had it seems like forever, I love the Hearts Content kits, however my eyes tell me to take a rest from the small stitching holes, so it is taking me longer then I want to finish the stitching, I have a vintage scissor collection and want to give each one a special fob, this will be a while before I am done with all the fobs, I hope to show you all a picture someday.
This is stitched on 36 count ivory 100% linen which came with the kit, I am stitching this one over one threads, that is what is taking so long, I am finishing mine a little different then the picture I do not want any unfinished fabric showing like the picture shows.

I am joining the Scattered Seeds and Samplers Little Sparrow Pin Keep club, it is well worth  the money Tammy is a wonderful designer and a very sweet Lady, take a look at her blog at
Scattered Seeds and Samplers, just click on the Scattered Seeds and Samplers button on the sidebar of my blog page.

This is the ISHW stitching weekend so off to a margarita and some stitching.

Blessings In this Lenten Season.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just a little post

Without a computer for a while, now I am happy so far with my new tower, this is what my desk door looked like for a while, oh my.

This is the little girl looking at a lady bug just before she attacks it, yes it is that time of year, lady bugs are coming out of the woodwork ick.
A beautiful sunrise, just think warm weather is about to come to Minnesota

 This is the moon coming up and what a beauty it is.


I have this vintage pair of gloves from long ago and wanted to do something with one of them, so I filled it with crushed walnut shells added lace and a broken vintage earring for a ring, the little beads were already on the glove, it now sits on my sofa table just looking pretty.

Well I should go for now I am working at home this week and not on the road yahoo for me.
Happy stitching to you all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Great Nephew his Sister and their new Cousin and some stitching

Welcome to my new followers, thank-you to all my followers that leave comments I really thank-you from the bottom of my heart, I would send individual thank-you's  I am so sorry I do not have the time.
I went to a baby shower on sunday, I had so much fun, we wore my Mother out it was a smashing time.
Baby Tahlea Simonne is so sweet, and of course the house was full at my sister-in-laws, good food and loads of fun.
I present Tahlea

This is my great nephew Rohan, he is a hoot, he came dresses to the nines, I told him he looked like one of the Men In Black, he was pleased, he is such a ham and a ladies man.
His parents are Sindu and Ryan.

This is Rajam Rohan's sister and Grandmother, my sister-in-law, Debbie holding  Rajam  she  is so cute, I just have to brag about my family, since I do not have any children, I am blessed with such a wonderful family unit. Debbie is a great Grandmother and gets to see the children everyday.

Now for a little stitching update:
I did manage to put some stitching on this piece, it is a Jeannette Douglas piece from her Spring Biscornus pattern.
I am off today due to a blizzard yahoo, after I get my computer problems fixed I will stitch in my comfy chair.
I hope this day finds you healthy and without crappy weather.