Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Stash Some Stitching and Ground Hog's Day

Thank-you to all the lovely comments and birthday greetings from you all, my heart has been warmed from your birthday wish's and lovely comments on my stitching.

Today is Ground Hog Day, I know its just another day and the Ground, started in 1887 by Clymer H. Freas, in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania, the language spoken is Pennsylvania German, I am not sure what it sounds like, I would like to know for my curiosity gets me to wondering.
Well Punxsutawney did not see his shadow today, I hope he is right and we do have an early spring, however we are going to have a possible snow storm this evening.

I went with Michael to the PERA Office yesterday, he is retiring in April, he wanted to get a jump on his paper work, a short meeting and we were on our way to lunch.
We stopped at my favorite Needlework Shop Stitchville USA, I used my gift certificate, I di come home with some fun things.

Just Nan It's Snowing Men! w/ snowflakes and beads, fabric is 32 count fabric, I hope to have this stitched by next fall.

Country Stitches-With Thy Needle&Thread Witches Night Out, I love this little sweety, the fabric is Pearl Barley light 36 count.

Another With Thy Needle& Thread pattern, Be My Valentine I love this pattern, I will start stitching on it this  weekend, I will use a 35 count Weeks Dye Works Linen, I have a heart shaped box from a past  Valentine Days gift, it will be perfect.

Next is another With Thy Needle&Thread Paper Snowflakes, I am using the Weeks Dye Works  35 count linen, I did buy the threads for this, I have never used Valdani threads before, they look to me to be a very nice thread.

I guess you can tell by now I am hooked on With Thy Needle& Thread patterns, I love the vintage looks of Brenda's patterns, up next is: A Tisket A Tasket Pinkeep, I will do this as my March SAL that is being put on by:http://stitchinglotus.ca/

I am working on my newest Tammy Black pattern Scattered Seed Samplers Country Woolgatherer Pinpillow, oh my this is such a lovely kit, I love the wool Tammy has chosen to coordinate with this pattern it is yummy in my eyes.
I have started on the skirt and am almost finished with that color, I sometimes get bored doing the same color for a long period of time, not with this one for some reason.
The kit came with all the threads needle fabric wool coordinating  fabric and pattern, another Designer I am hooked on.

So here is the little girl on a surface where she should not be, I called her name and she looks up to the ceiling like she did not hear me, I have a special bottle of cleaner, when she sees that bottle she runs, she knows she should not be on the counters, but I still love her.

I am not sure what is going on here but the temps were in the 40's for a couple of days and the Asian beetles seem to think this is warm, this on was outside our bedroom door on the deck, see the ice on the deck along with this mixed up bug.

I see it is snowing out really hard right now so I need to get to stitching, I love to sit by the window and stitch and loom out to see the weather and know I am warm and safe inside today.
Thank-you for stopping by and all your kind comments.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BRRRRR its cold out and some stitching news

Welcome to all: I hope 2016 is being good to you, it has been to me.
I turned 65 yesterday, my Mother and Sister-in-law took me  to Café Jule's for lunch, my favorite place to eat, I had a Chicken Cranberry roll-up oh boy I can only eat half because it is so big, but so yummy.
Mom gave me a bottle of Margarita mix she is so sweet, I also received a cinnamon candle and a beautiful bracelet from Julie.
In the evening Mike took me out to dinner to my favorite place yep Café Jule's, I had fresh walleye dinner, oh my so good, I am still full and it is 16:00 in the afternoon.
Mike gave me a  150.00 dollar gift card to of course my favorite stitch shop Stitchville USA, I have many things in mind I want to buy.

This little Café seats about 40 people, it is so sweet, very French looking.

It is decorated so nice for all the different holidays, I plan on going there in the warm weather and sitting out on the patio reading and drinking coffee.

I finished my first SAL small.

 it is the Plum Street Samplers Merry Ewe, I changed  some of the colors and the fabric the pattern called for, I used White Opal 36 count fabric, and various threads, I love how it turned out now I need to get a tin to mount it in.
The SAL is run by Stitching Lotus, I am happy I joined the SAL, her link is  http://stitchinglotus.ca/ now maybe I will have 12 new ornaments done by Christmas this year.

I am working on my next SAL it is : Cricket Collection No.33 Sheepy Hollow I am doing the sheep and tree only not the words on the pattern, check in date for the second one is 2/ 25, I hope to have it done by then.

I am also working on alterations of many pairs of slacks that have the big wide pant leg, oh how I hate them, I think wide legged slacks make a thin woman look big, and if your overweight like me they make me look bigger hence the alterations, I am also working out  now,  ow and ow I am so sore, I hope to lose a few pounds before summer.

                                                  Time for dinner Blessings to you all.



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Givaway Drawing 2/2/16

Pop on over to see the new Rainbow Collection from  Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, it is beautiful, Nancy as always with her generosity is giving away a Rainbow Collection on 2/2/16.


They are beautiful, so stop over and enter her drawing.

Totally love the colors.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy belated New Year

I have been sitting at this computer getting caught up with blogging comments and reading emails, I am way behind.
 December was a very busy month, I did very little decorating because Mike had planned a vacation away during Christmas, we went to Cancun Live Aqua, our new favorite Resort, this was our third time there, love it.
Christmas at the resort was amazing, Santa showed up coming on a sleigh with horses in the lead.

And this is my little old chubby self and Mike with his Christmas tie with Santa and Company

This is rice art they dye the rice and hand design it on any surface they choose, the lights were blue around the resort for Christmas

This is the entry during the day.

  this is what it looks like at night during Christmas, during the rest of the year it is a flat water fall very pretty.

I took Olaf along on this trip, he had fun, will show a couple of pictures of Olaf next post.

Now for some news, Mike is retiring in April after almost 40 years with the Wright County Sheriffs Department, I am so happy for him, wow home with my favorite Man 24/7 hmmm we will see how this goes, giggles.
I bought some stash last Saturday from my favorite Needlework Shop Stitchville USA,
I am doing a monthly ornament SAL over at http://stitchinglotus.blogspot.comhttp://stitchinglotus.com, I rather excited to do this, maybe I can get all my ornaments done for nest Christmas.
This is the first Ornament I will do, I love Plum Street Samplers so sweet, I am doing this on Edinburgh White Opal 36 count, I like the sparkle of the fabric.
I also bought some red and pink fabric to make Valentine ornaments for Valentines Day, I want to start a tree  for each holiday like Frances has in her home, she has inspired me to do so.
Stop over to her BlogSpot, she is a very good decorator. http://asymphonyofstitches.blogspot.com
I am sure you will love what you see.
 I love the Easy Stitch Basting Tape, so easy to use, I also wanted to try the  Instant Antique Aging Solution, it looks very interesting.

I bought two Mill Hill seed bead Santa ornaments to stitch for my lovely neighbors who took care of our mail and snow removal while we were gone, we just could not find  anything just right for them, I think this is perfect.
I also bought the little Mini Pom Pom one yard in Raspberry and TuTu Pink for my Valentine ornaments.
I am working on my Scattered Seed Sampler Pure In Heart from Tammy Black, she is a great Primitive Designer, I just have to finish the sheep and put together as a door hanger, I have done very little stitching this past month due to Christmas preparing  and Christmas vacation.
To all who commented on my last blog, thank-you from my heart.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings to all, thank-you for your lovely comments on my last post, I did have to delete a comment that I did not deem fit for my blog, it was a link to a bad site, so sorry if anyone clicked onto that site from my comment section.
Now I was all done writing on this blog today and hit the wrong button and everything was deleted, oh boy if I needed to use a bad word today was it, many things are not going well, a family member that has gone nuts and blames Mike and I for all things wrong in the world, well this is what I say fly a kite you big fat bugger, and leave us alone, you nutcase.

now onto better things
I finished putting together the Shepherds Bush Fold part one, A Full Heart, I bought a Shaker Box on Ebay for 23.00 including shipping, I just could not pay 164.00 dollars for the box it calls for, ouch.

Up next are the two Scattered Seed  sampler Kits from Tammy Black, I just love her primitive looking patterns.

The first one is Harvest waiting, I used crushed walnut shells for the stuffing, this is a pin pillow for my collection.

This is Happy Hearts I love the baby  birds, they are so cute.

Next is a pattern from Just Cross stitch 2015 Ornament issue, New York Dreamers White Christmas, I changed out some of the colors, I wanted a little more color, I hope you like it. I smashed it so it is a little wonky , I do not like the wrinkles so will need to fix that problem.

I want to show you something so cool, this is from http://wobisobi.blogspot.com Anne is a very talented Lady, you must stop over and see the yarn trees she has made they are so sweet, I have been following her for about a year now, she transforms clothing and does other crafting projects, so please stop over.

Mike says he has a nice surprise for me for Christmas, I just hate it when he does this he teases and teases and I just want to blow up, lucky for him I will be patient and calm, yeah right, tell me tell me now I demand it, heck that did not work, rats.

We have had snow flurry's no snow for Christmas, the weather will be getting warmer again starting Monday, I feel bad for the skiers and snowboard people, the people that go ice fishing are at a loss now the ice is not thick enough to go on around here hopefully the DNR will extend the fishing season this winter.

A little funny I found on Pinterest I love the look on the dogs face.

Time to stitch, until next time.

Merry Christmas to all

Friday, November 27, 2015

Some beading and a Finished project

I hope you all are doing well, we took my family and Michaels family out to Thanksgiving Brunch, it is a large group but so much cheaper then having dinner at my home, plus I do not have to listen to any football ( I am not a fan) I think they get paid way to much money for what they do.

I am not a big meat eater I had loads of veggies and a big plate of pickled  cucumber yummy.

I was able to make three  more ornaments for our small tree, I love the  pattern they are so easy to do, I have made four so far and plan on making more with leftover seed beads from other projects, wish me luck getting them done before Christmas.
I made a kitty scissor fob and a kitty  ornament with a pink skirt. (own pattern from my head)

I finished stitching the Scattered Seed Sampler Moriah's Summer Token, I just love Tammy's kits, they are so sweet, this one will be a Hand Fan, I love the blue and cream fabric that came in the kit. So sorry about the lighting the picture is showing up way to light, I took this picture at night.

I bought a bathing suit from a company on the net a very well known  company, I have tried this on and love it, except for the dye problem, I always wash my clothing before wearing it this suit has been soaked six times and still it has a problem, it is now soaking for the seventh time, I just hope it is all done after this evening. This was the first soaking, I am now soaking in the tub.

After dinner this evening, I looked outside and found a beautiful site the moon and what a moon it is.

At brunch my great nephew wanted me to see his special glasses, they make things look like three D
I think  I look very silly and he agrees, that is Mikes sister Gloria behind me she is one of my dearest friends, she is so tiny, she stands 4foot eleven and must around 91 pounds.

This is Michael his step Father and Gloria and of course me.

This my Mother and Michael.
I do have more to show you all but want to post again on Sunday, I hope all is well in your little part of the world and I ask  you to pray for an  end to all the hatred in the world.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blessings On This Thanksgiving Day

Blessings and Thanksgiving to you all, this is a wonderful day for us here at the homestead, we were able to take my Family and Michaels Family out to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.
All the fixins and then some, turkey, ham, even prime rib yummy, loads of salads and veggies and potatoes along with sweets.
I am full to the brim even tho I only had small portions and one I mean only one dessert, ( I am trying to lose a few pounds).

Here is a turkey that was lucky to not be on a dinner table.

Look for a new post tomorrow I have been stitching and beading, lots to show.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

I am so happy to be back

Please pray for all the lives lost and all the people harmed in Paris and other parts of the world.

I have had a time of it trying to get back into my BlogSpot, I just seem to not have good luck with Google, I have changed my password I do not know how many times this year, just so I can post, I keep getting denied and have to start all over again, oh well I do have patience at least.

I have been very busy since retirement, my first week off all five days had an event, I help set up for funerals now at Church now so of course the first Friday of retirement there was a funeral.
Then  that week I also had Dr. and Dentist appointments on Monday, a dye and hair cut on Wednesday, Thursday an appointment with the County Nurse for my Mother, then I thought I had a few days to myself, nope Mike wanted me to go with him on one of his business trips for three days, Sunday to Wednesday, then shopping with my Mother on Thursday, Friday last I just stitched and did laundry, yippee.
Tomorrow Mike has an eye appointment for of all things glaucoma surgery. Please pray everything goes well.

I did manage to make a Christmas Cardinal, it is sort of my own pattern and a little of some other parts of a pattern, the pictures are not the best.

I did get the Shepherds Bush Ruler case done, I just need to finish the putting the top on my Shaker Box this week and all the parts will be finished, I am so happy with this series, I hope Shepherds Bush does another, I will jump on that band wagon again.

I bought myself a gift for retirement, I have always wanted a frame like this one and finally got one, I was with Mike on his business trip last week in North Dakota, we stopped at Nordic Needle, on  Mondays they have discount day, I pulled out a 15% off piece of paper lucky me, I love this frame, it is so nice, it came with Velcro for attaching your fabric for stitching, I can set it on a table or between my legs or on my lap. I have the shepherds Bush Ruler Case on the frame, which I finished on Wednesday this week.

This is the bracelet I am working on now, I hope to have it finished tomorrow evening, I took the class at Becka Beads in Maplelake Mn.
I had some problems at the class so took it home to finish it.

This is a picture of my favorite baby, my one and only baby, she is so loveable, she has to be with me always, and cries when I leave home even to just get the mail.

She is hiding in the laundry bag while I iron Mikes shirts.

Time to stitch I hope al, is well with everyone, please pray for all the lives lost in the terror attacks in Paris and around the world.