Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Have Been Busy

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this Holy Season: Spring begins on the 20th if and I mean if it does not snow, I feel if it snows it just is not spring yet.
So I shall show you what I have been up too, I have been stitching on my Little Snowy Church a bit and working on constructing my Kindred Spirits Class Project from 2015, I have made some progress until I noticed I made a big mistake and had to frog the needleroll, ouch is what I said.

This is what it looks like now finally, so sorry about the wrinkles, tomorrow I will work on constructing the needleroll.

I did finish the Pipkin, not my best finish but I am happy, on the ends I did ribbons, because I do not do ribbon flowers good enough. Not sure why there is a shadow on the front of the Pipkin, I did take a photo at night.
I did the Pincube also, I added a little weight inside the cube to make it have a little weight.

I also did get the bands inside the Shaker Box finished.

I have the Ruler and Scissor Case to construct and then I will be done, yahoo.

I did get some stitching on Little Snowy Church, I am loving this piece so much, I may do the other Church soon.

I wish you all a great week, keep those needles pushing.
Please do not forget to stop over to to enter Nancy's giveaway, I have used her threads they are wonderful, she gives you a whole lot more then DMC or any specialty threads, her giveaways are fantastic.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nancy Is Having Another Givaway Of Her New Threads

Hello My Dear Friends
Nancy is having another wonderful giveaway of her fantastic new line, I have some of her threads, she is very generous with the amount of thread in each skein, the colors are lovely.
Please take a look at her other things she has for sale.
I have bought from her you can find the Sewing Necessaire in browns,  I bought from her back in my post in 2016, I love it, I have used some of the buttons and threads from it.


                                                             Pop on over and enter

I will be posting what I am working on tomorrow, I have a mess going which is bothering me.
Did I peek you attention? it really was going good but a snag hit me twice and it was a doozy.


Friday, March 9, 2018

I Picked Up My Framed Pieces From Joanns Today

Hello my Dear Friends: I hope you are well today.
First Michael and I went grocery shopping at Super Target, I tried to buy a new top and dress but just could not find what I wanted.
We had lunch at Perkins which I wish we had not, I am ill, it is not pretty.
Mike said as long as we are 30 miles closer to Joanns lets pick up your framed piece, okay another 25 miles and bang I was a happy girl.
We have a Joanns  only 23 miles from home but they do not do framing.

The first one is a With Thy Needle And Thread  Design Cutting Paper Snowflakes, I love this design.

I also picked up With Thy Needle And thread Birds Of A Feather, I am so in love with the mat and frame.

So sorry the photos are not the best I tried many locations and could not get the right position for a good picture.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thank-you From My Heart To Yours

I have been having a bad week, its not been an easy time here in the Laurent house hold, many things have happened good and bad.
I was feeling sad very sad today, I am being reminded of how ill my Mother was this time last year, I am getting better at handling things its just a slow process.
First Mike brought in the mail, I had received a card from an amazing Lady from the South.
I opened the envelope and to my surprise I see the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul Minnesota, it is a beautiful building with a beautiful history.
My dear Friend Frances,

too my surprise I was amazed to read and find a beautiful card of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina my favorite Male Saint, we have numerous books on Saint Padre Pio, you cannot imagine my surprise, I did cry it is a beautiful gesture from a beautiful Lady.
Frances had this card touched too Saint Padre Pio's Glove, this makes a third class Relic, I am so touched by her generosity I had to cry.
To the people that are not Catholic, this is an amazing beautiful and heartfelt thing to do for someone.
Thank-you Frances you are one amazing and beautiful Lady.

Yesterday I read my emails and found a E-Card from RJ this card came at a time when I needed it, this E-card means so much to me, RJ has a way of making you feel special, she is also an amazing Lady.
I sent RJ a thank-you she responded with a return reply, I am truly Blessed to have so many wonderful and beautiful people in my life.
As a Blogger I feel Blessed to call you all my friends, we do live far from each other but miles do not matter in friendship.
Thank-you to you all for being in my life.

Well I did get some stitching done this week, I was at Minnesota needlework Guild Retreat last weekend, I had a ball, the table I sat at was perfect, of course all the ladies that were there are very special.
I am still trying to catch up with my commenting on your blogs and sending out thank-you's for your comments on my last post.
Well here is my progress on Little Snowy Church by Nora Corbet I can really see the Church coming together now, I am not a big fan of Kreinik threads but have somewhat mastered them a little.

I did have two designs framed up at Joann's two weeks ago, I will post photo's tomorrow.
Well its getting close to dinner, I am on my own this evening, Mike is at a Serra Club meeting and will have dinner there.
Thank-you for stopping by and reading and commenting.


Monday, February 26, 2018

No Stitching Update But Some Constructions

Hello Everyone: I hope your day is going well, mine is, I was able to get Picasa to upload my photos finally.
I Spent most of Sunday afternoon in my sewing room, I wanted to get some of my stitched items constructed, I am thrilled with  what I was able to get done, while watching Matt Damon in the Bourne series I got to work.

First is a thread keeper pin cushion, I stained the wood a very light color, I was not sure I would like it until I inserted the stitched design into the wood square.
Now the best part is that this was an exchange from June over at we were involved in an exchange, this is what she sent me,

So all this time I did not know what to do with it, this is perfect for this beautiful design.

I copied this idea from a Blackbird Design Exchange I did with Joanie, not sure if she still has a Blog or not.

I am keeping my threads and beads on this for the design I am working on now the Little Church.

Next I finished a pillow from Scattered Seed Samplershttp://scatteredseedsamplers.blogspot.comI love Tammy's designs.

I also constructed another Scattered Seed Samplers design I stitched, this is one I made a big mistake on and had to wing it in the construction, I used my own fabric, not because I did not like what Tammy chose but because of my own mistake.

It is hanging kind of wonky and wrinkled so sorry, I really like this design and how it is being used.

I have had this box for so long and did not know what I wanted to do with it, now it is a pin cushion and ort box, I took the glass out so the bird design would really pop up. This is a With Thy Needle and Thread design.

I plan on making other designs that I was gifted in an exchange, the other one I want to get constructed is the Pansy's from Gracie over at
I am going to get lots of construction done only because I am tired of all the beautiful designs just laying in my to do drawer which is full.
I am going o a stitching retreat with the Minnesota Needlework Guild this coming Thursday, I am really looking forward to it.
I hope it does not snow rain or any other bad weather, I am so ready for spring, even my friends who hate the heat are begging for this winter to be over.
Time to get a dr9ink of water and head down to my sewing room.


Friday, February 23, 2018

A New Start And A Finished Stitch

Greetings to all: I am so sorry if I have not emailed you thank-you's for your comments on my last post, I am telling you the truth I have been busy with some stitching and beading and sewing,
plus I started my spring cleaning ewww.
First some news on the weather front, we have not had much snow but now Mother Nature feels its time, we have 5 new inch's on the ground from the last day and a half, with 3-6 inch's coming this weekend.
I am suffering, really suffering, I gave up chocolate baked bakery goods, Granola bars and my favorite Pepsi, it has not been easy, some of my friends who do not go to Church ask why I give them a lesson on how I need to do this.
Anyhoo, I did have a finished stitch.

I Started a new design, I bought this about seven years ago, while cleaning up and getting rid of crap in my sewing room I found this, I am loving this design, it is a Nora Corbett Design, it is working up faster then I expected, just five hours with breaks in between stitching and this is my progress.
It is called: Little Snowy Church, not sure where I will be hanging this, maybe in my sewing room and bringing it out in the winter.

This is from Scattered Seed Samplers, it is the "Midsummer's Day" Tailors Roll & Needlekeep Necklace, I love this and hope to get it constructed this weekend.

I did make another bracelet, just messed around with a few beads, it is a lot prettier in person.
It is so light weight it almost feels like there is nothing on my wrist.

My Sister in Law is coming over for lunch and beading on Tuesday, I love getting together with her, she is a boat load of fun.

I am going to a Minnesota Needlework Guild event next weekend, it is the Race To The Finish event, it is supposed to be a time to get all your UFO's finished, but I really do not have any, I always finish a design before starting another, I think I will take lots of silk  pins and pin together some of the designs I have waiting to be constructed, then when I get home maybe I will have the incentive to
construct them when I get home on Sunday.
I hope you all are having great weather, we are for now but the clouds are moving in slowly.
Please I beg you to Pray for all who are ill, please ask God to heal them.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Holy Smolly

Oh my goodness Lizzie Kate designers are retiring.


Hello my Dear friends

Thank-you all for your wonderful comments on my last post, I found  an Ebayer that had sold the pattern for the Robin hood pattern, however I did ask her to get back to me about who the designer is, this person has not responded as of yet, however I did respond to the person on Facebook and she took the post off Facebook, what is that all about, I was just trying to help, maybe she was just playing with people on Facebook to see what kind of response  she could get.
I would still like to know who is the designer.
I have been busy with stitching and beading I made a bracelet in blues which I just love, I may wear it out soon. See my little feet?
Then I decided to make some simple ornaments for the Santa Shop for next December at Church, they are just simple ones but rather pretty in person.

They are much prettier in person, I plan on making more but different and in different colors.

I have made lots of progress on my Scattered Seed Pillow, I am loving this design, I hope to have it finished tomorrow evening and then I plan to construct it on Thursday.
I found this great pattern at a quilt shop, I am doing my own colors for this, it is suppose to be inserted into a tin, I plan on making 10 to give to the Santa shop at Church, I just need to dig out my super small buttons for the flower tips.
Well I do have more to show you but do not want to drag on so will post again on Thursday.
I hope you all are having great weather, this winter has been awful in some parts of the country, I feel so bad for the east coast and southern states with all the crappy weather they are getting, the up side is snow will be a memory soon.
Thank-you for visiting and leaving comments.

Monday, February 12, 2018

I forgot an address

Hello everyone: I know this may sound like a stupid question, but I need the address for the person that I emailed and asked for your address so I may send a beaded crystal ball to you, I forgot to write down your address, I will not give a name but she will know who I am talking about.
I do have Gracie's address but need the other persons address.
So please if you will please email me.
I every once I n a while have a private giveaway and make these crystal balls.

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Brrr Its Cold This Is A Drive By Post

Greetings everyone: I have not been able to post or contact you for your kind comments but will soon very soon, it has been nuts around here with new windows and doors being put in.
Sooo today I am asking for help, a Lady on Facebook is looking for the designer or someway to find this pattern, can anyone help?

 Also I am looking for the designer or where I can find this pattern, I am willing to pay for it.


Monday, January 29, 2018

A New Start and Finish Today

I Stared this this morning and finished it this afternoon I was on Pinterest and found this photo above, I did my own kind of thing since there was no pattern.
I wanted to make something for Valentines Day, this fit the Bill.

I have also been working on my Scattered Seed Sampler Design, I love this pillow.
So sorry about the bad photos, it is dark out, the lighting at night is not good, either the lights are too bright or not bright enough.

I like Tammy's designs, I hope to have this finished by Friday or before.

Thank-you all for your comments on my last post, you are all wonderful, I still am having problems with emails, so sorry I cannot send out individual thank-you's by email.
Mike is out of town so I had taco salad this evening,  was it good, leftovers with eggs tomorrow for breakfast.
Lunch with my sister in law which is more like a sister to me.
I hope you all are well and getting loads of stitching done.
Until Next Time

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oh No

Did I get your attention? I have had a bad couple of weeks, with a new email server (I have the same email address) and Google not liking me this week and down in bed sleeping about 16 hours a day with a horrendous cold thankfully its not the flu confirmed, I am finally able to get some stitching and blogging done, whew.

I have been working on a few items, I did finish stitching Pin Feathers by Brenda Gervais, I just need to put it together and add the buttons, maybe tomorrow.

So sorry about the wrinkles, I usually iron before construction of a piece.

The wonderful and beautiful Mary from sent this pattern to me, thank-you my friend.

I love Patriotic designs and had to do this one, I plan on putting it on a cigar box top and use for my needles and scissors.
I did find a small red heart and a silver star
, on the flag I stitched a whit star and on the flag on the lower right on the pole I stitched a flag, the flag button I had was way too big for that little area.
( so sorry about the wrinkles)

I am reading and resting, Mike is away for a guy getaway with some Law Enforcement friends, he used to teach a law enforcement class a few times a year at different collages and tech schools but had to retire due to his loss of hearing in his one ear, and his balance issues due to the hearing loss.

So I can eat and do what ever I want minus the Ford, I just have to ask my sister in law for a ride if I need to go anywhere, she is such a sweetheart about helping me.

Well the weather is not too bad today but will dip into the single digits later this week, I am so looking forward to spring even if it rains everyday.

I have not sent out thank-you for your comments due to my email issue so sorry.
Thank-you from my heart for all your comments.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

What Is Going On

I am not sure what the heck is going on, I am perplexed, first I had Mozzila Firefox, for those of you who do not know, I do surveys for different companies, I spend about one hour a day between the three companies, I do this in the A.M., well some of the survey's were saying I did not match the criteria for the survey, I was going through about 50 surveys before finding one that fit me, it was not me it was the email service mozzila firefox which was screwing me up so I changed to Windstream email, totally love it but have to enter everyone's email again so I can email you, what a rip.
Then Mikes niece by marriage sends me a facebook message and lo and behold I cannot get it or get into my facebook account, they made some changes and they are not good, what the heck is happening here, my sister in law is being charged for using facebook now, if that's the case I will drop the poopheads like a hot potato.

It is in the minus zeros here again in Minnesota, I am so sick of winter, I do not want time to pass quickly but Dear Lord may we have a break for oh I don't know maybe a couple of weeks from the cold.

I hope you all are out of harms way what with the fires in California and now the floods, the horrible weather in the south and up the east coast, I think the weather needs to take a long hike from us all and Bless us with some nice weather.

Saty warm and cozy my Friends.

that was my rant for the winter so sorry you had to hear it.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Computer Issues I Can Live Without And Some Stitching

Hello to all my dear followers: I hope this day finds you well and not so cold or stuck in snow.
I am so tired of the cold, we had below zero temps for so long then wham we get three days of warm weather then tonight it will rain sleet and snow ick, had to change all kind of things I wanted to do tomorrow, I am sure Krissy the dog will not mind waiting for her shots and nails clipped till next week.

I have been stitching, I am almost done with my Blackbird Designs A Light For The Lawn Loose Feathers For The Birds #2, I have not done # one but hope to get to it soon. So sorry about the wrinkles. I used the called for fabric and almost all the called for threads. These are going to be the colors of the bedroom when we redo it this spring.

I have been making coffee in my percolator lately, I am trying to cut down on my lattes, way too much milk in them lattes.

I wanted to show you the photos I took on Christmas Eve, we have a man a very nice man at our Church who plays Santa every year, he brings the Baby Jesus down so we may kiss the Baby Jesus's feet, it is an emotional moment for many of us.

                                                   This is Michael kissing Baby Jesus Feet


Well its time to stitch, Mike is getting ready for Church he teach's ninth grade CCD Religion, he has been doing this for 17 years now the kids just love him.
I am going to sit and stitch and have some homemade vegetable soup, yummy in my tummy.
To all I wish you good and healthy week.


Monday, January 1, 2018


I hope 2018 is a Blessed and Happy Year for us all.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Two Posts In Twenty Four Hours

Happy New Year to all, I know its not the new Year yet but just in case I cannot come back to wish you all greetings I will do it this evening.

I have to show you what RJ made for me, this is beautiful, the stitching is positively beautiful, the thought and work she put into this charming Locket is amazing
I had to go buy a dress to wear it with, it is worthy of a new outfit of course.
(so sorry RJ I could not get a better photo)

I tried my best to get a good photo, outside it was so cold my camera would not click, I had to do the best I could inside, this photo does not show the Honeycomb that is stitched on this beauty, so sorry RJ, I promise everyone I will take a better photo when it is nicer outdoors, it was only -1 degree today for a high in our area.
Do you see the little Believe charm? that is going on my gold charm bracelet, I just love this little charm it is so sweet.
RJ also sent me a super cute snowman, he is adorable, I will add him to my snowman collection which I put out after Christmas, of course this is the first snowman of the year, he is sitting with my Believe sign right now in the bedroom, he will be moved out to the living room after Monday.
I am so Blessed to have so many lovely friends here in Blog Land, I have been lifted by your comments and friendship at my saddest times, thank-you to all of you who comment and who email me.


Friday, December 29, 2017

A nEw Year Is Upon Us

I never make New Year resolutions, I never keep them.
I do plan on trying to get fitter by doing Yoga, Mike my most wonderful Husband bought me a book on Yoga, at first he was afraid to give it too me, he thought he was insulting me, I told him no I really need this little push, I am ready to do some stretching and other things that make me hurt, I tried Yoga at a business expo once I was so sore the next day, so I will give it a try it is for the mind body and soul.

I was trying to take photos of our tree in the living room, I just could not get a great photo, no matter what I di, I tried in the day and at night, the night photo looks better then the day, it has been very gloomy around here, snow and cold, it is very cold here 5 degrees below zero with a wind chill of -20 degrees, brrrr.

I stood way back and way close the camera did not want to take a good photo, I am not sure why at night the photo made the tree look pink, maybe something wrong with the camera.

I took a photo of one of the Santa displays I have out, this was the last Christmas Photo the camera took.

The most beautiful and wonderful RJ over at sent me this beautiful Star, RJ also sent me a beautiful Stitched Locket with a Believe Charm and a super sweet Snowman, she is such a sweet and generous Lady, Thank-you RJ.
( I promise I will take photos of the Snowflake and other gist RJ sent me in the daylight outside.

I did this stocking for Mike way back in the muddle 90s, it was from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine, I never did one for me maybe this year I will.

I have been stitching the last couple of days, I finished my Scattered Seed Sampler Armchair needle keeper, and started a Brenda Gervais Pin Feathers, I just love this design, I have started a Blackbird Design and will show photos tomorrow.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this Holiday Season

Happy New Year