Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Post About Stitching

Hello My Dear Friends: Thank-you all for your kind words in my last post, I will be emailing out thank-you's tomorrow.

 ( Note I posted this on  earlier in the week but forgot to publish)

I can finally show you my progress on  Paper Snowflakes, I wanted to have it stitched and ready for framing by my birthday last month but as you all know I did not make it, times march's on.

                                                                           From This

To This

I have not picked up a needle and thread in over a week, I am not felling sorry for myself just lost without any stitching.
I have to show you what my Dear Friend Cheryl made for me, she is a fabulous quilter and made me  this lovely table topper, I am in love with it, sometimes I take the dog for a walk at 11:30 at night, of course this is if I cannot sleep, and she is quilting away I see her sitting at her machine and am totally amazed, Thank-you  Cheryl.
So sorry my photos are not so good I took them when I did not feel well.
When I go shopping I have to put the empty bags on the floor so Blondie can play she plays for a very long time with them.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Some more bad news and then good news

As I sit here, I am over whelmed by how beautiful the Blogging Community is, that you all for your lovely words and prayers, you all touch my heart.
When I posted the last post I did not expect to have such a chain reaction of events, many of you know Michael had triple bypass last July and recovered well, in October he lost the hearing in his right ear due to things that happened inViet Nam and at the Sheriff's Dept.
On Tuesday evening at 23:00 I had to call an ambulance, he had fallen due to the loss of hearing and the blood pressure meds, he has been fighting this dizziness since losing his hearing, he does have hearing aides they help him to hear but not with balance, so after four hours and 55 minutes I went home, but as I sat in the ER with home I started to get a tight pain across my chest and my clavicles, I went home (dumb thing to do) got the dog put out enough cat food for a week and took the dog to the Vet Clinic and explained I may be admitted, I have to be the luckiest person on this earth, I was dehydrated so bad that I had to be given  a solution to rehydrate me, I could not breath only small breaths, wow I do not wish this on even the devil him horrible self.
On  Monday my Mother was able to go home, yahoo but not really they sent her home way too early, she was taken by ambulance again on Wednesday to the hospital, she will be going to acare center next week for rehabilitation, hopefully this will help, Mike came home on Thursday, he is doing well, I am so happy  we have been running our tails off trying to get my Father in laws life back on track after his if you will all pardon my language asshole sister ripped him off, Mike and his other sister have power of attorney and are getting things done another Yahoo!
I am so sorry to dump on you I promise tomorrow I will post progress on my Paper Snowflakes PROMISE.
Again thank you all for thinking of us.

Many Blessings

P.S. I will email thank you soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Please pray for my Mother

Hello Dear Friends: I would like to ask you to pray for my beautiful Mother, she has been in the hospital since Saturday evening, she is having trouble breathing, she has COPD and CHF, this is being a very hard time for me, I only have my Mother  and Brother left.
Lucky for me I have my Sister in laws and Mikes side of the Family for support, Mike has been so wonderful during this time, I had a bad sinus infection for a week and had food poisoning I think from not washing my strawberries very good, I do not wish that illness on anyone.
I will be posting my stitching update tomorrow or Thursday.
So sorry I have not responded with thank you to all that commented on my last post.
I will try to get caught up soon.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Birthday Present and an Illness

Hello My Dear Friends: It has been a trying four days, I have not been ill for over 15 years, now I am suffering with a terrible sinus infection which has kept me down for three days, I have never slept as much as I have in the last three days, I used to love the pillow top mattress we have but now it has become my enemy, along with the Benadryl I am taking three times a day, I am up only about an hour and then back to bed, I hate this so much, at least it is not in my chest or throat.

Last Sunday Mike surprised me by going to the ATT store and getting me my first IPhone and IPad, I have finally grown up, now I can use the discount app for Target yahoo.

I know some of you are saying what took so long, I am not sure, I guess it has a lot to do with not being very technologically talented, but hey we are talking about me, someone who does not like change, I am finally here, I am excepting the change, yahoo.

I do have some other things to show you, I am getting sleepy eyed and need to sleep a little more until tomorrow.

My Friends

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just a drive by post

It is snowing lightly today it is very pretty, but the roads are slippery, Mike is shopping for his Father today and I am home waiting for ATT to come out and put in the new box's for our t.v."s yahoo, we bundled and boy did we get a deal, we do not have to pay for channels we do not use,  60.00 yep 60.00 a month for satellite t.v. yahoo we were paying 145.00 a month what a rip off for two years we get a great price of 60.00, it was worth the change.

Now on to stitching news, I received the new Scattered Seed Samplers Gate Keeper Pinpoke, I love this simple but lovely design, it even has little keys to attach to the finished pillow, Tammy has such sweet designs, she is working on a Sampler I have to get, I hope she finish's soon so I may order it.
Her is the new kit I will start working on next week.

I have not done much in the stitching  way this past week, we were moving my Father-in- Law into assisted living he loves it and now its is  hard to get him out to lunch.
This evening Mike teaching  9th grade Religion CCD.
I will be busy stitching on my Paper Snowflakes design yahoo.
I would show a photo but nothing has changed since my last post.

I had trouble with my camera (my own fault) and now want to show you what my wonderful neighbor Cheryl made for me for Christmas a kitchen towel with the shape of the state of Minnesota, I love Minnesota just not the cold that comes with the sate in the winter ugh. I love this towel, I had to promise I would use it and I am, Thank-you Cheryl my dear friend.

In a couple of days I will show you what Mike bought me on Sunday for my birthday.
I hope this day finds you well and stitching, knitting and having a good day.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Greetings Friends

Happy Stitching everyone: I have not gotten much done on the stitching front, we have been busy getting my Father-in-Law ready to move to assisted living, he is happy and sad at the same time, he will be losing a bit of independence, he is 93 still gets around and can do most things for himself, he just needs a little help with eating, he makes not the bet choice's.

I did get some stitching done on Paper Snowflake, I love this design, however I am not sure about the fabric, it looks a lot lighter then the fabric in the package photo, I want to try and do a little dye job before I put on the hands or face, I am scared of doing this but if I spray lightly from a distance maybe it will work.
The thread choice for the skirt looks different then the photo also.
Hopefully it will be finished by January 26th.

I am a member of Stitchersvillage, I love this Village, they have a Forum that you can comment on daily, they have many other things to see and visit, I play Bingo  when they have it, so this month I played and won a lovely design, it is Legacy Pattern Hilltop House and Quilt Barn Christmas Village Ornaments, with backing fabric, pattern, ribbon and padding for the ornaments, I love this, design and will stitch them after I finish Paper Snowflake.

Well today the themps were in the upper 30's yahoo, we are in a January heatwave, for about a week, next week they are saying upper 40's, I cannot wait, I am enjoying this January thaw.
We are suppose to get an ice storm but I think that will not be, so far it is staying in the southern part of the state about two counties away, that is okay with me.
I took Krissy for a long walk today, for her a half hour is long she is still recovering from her knee and ligament surgery  from November, she had a blast sniffing and snorting.
I hope you all are well and are having great weather.
Thank-you for stopping by and leaving me a comment.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello My Dear Friends

Thank-you all for your comments on my last post, you all are so wonderful to continue to follow and comment.
I have done some stitching in the past week, I started this on Sunday the first and have not gotten much done, appointments, arranging for my Father-in-law to get ready and move into assisted living,
snow shoveling I do the deck and front porch, Mike is able to work the snowblower so far, taking down Christmas decorations outdoors, reading and more reading (trying to get caught up) finished one book, started another Debbie Macomber  Blossom Street Brides, love her writing style, and of course stitching and beading.
I was contacted by a Lady Susan Morris she asked about a beading project, if you see this post please let me know if you have a Blog Spot, or if someone knows her from Google.

Here is what we woke up to this morning lots of snow we had in the end 6 inch's argh.

WE needed new garage doors, I love the color, Mike did a wonderful job choosing these, I was so sad for the man that put these in last week it was only 5 degrees above zero, he would not come into the house to warm up he sat in his truck, I felt so bad, he did a wonderful job for us.
Our old doors were pooping out.

I took down the last of the ornaments on Saturday, Krissy wanted to help, she snatched this off the coffee table, she does not chew anything but likes to have her own stash of goodies to lay on.

This is what I have been stitching on, this is Brenda Gervais Paper Snowflakes, I did get a little stitching in this week but not as much as I wanted.

                                                so sorry about the blurry photo.

I love this design, I bought he required fabric but it seems to be so light compared to the package photo, I guess different dye lots make a difference, I hope to have this finished by January 26 I want to have it framed for a birthday present.

Well its almost time for one of my favorite programs The Killing Fields, it is a real time series, very interesting to me.



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year

So sorry about the late post, I have been busy and was only able to comment on other Blogspots.
I want to wish you all a very Blessed and Happy 2017.
Mike and I were talking about how time flies by, I mentioned that when I was teen I thought life ended at 30, wow was I wrong, I am coming up on my 66 Birthday and feel young and am Blessed with very good health, I am not on any meds yet, who knows when and if that will happen.
I am keeping a journal of the stitching I am doing, I will see how long before I forget to journal I may miss a day here and there.
I am working on Brenda Gervais Paper Snowflakes and will post a photo tomorrow.
We have been in a deep freeze for about a week now minus degree temps, brrrr.
It is snowing now and the weather man says up to six inch's to come this week, ick.
We took My Mother to Applebee's today for her Birthday, went shopping and took her home she was tired and wanted to rest.
Well Hotel Transylvania is on, I love this movie, I am an animation freek, it reminds me of cartoons and makes me feel young.

Until Tomorrow


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Some Christmas Photos And A New Start

Happy New Year my Dear Friends: I have a new start, this is a it is Perforated Paper Heirloom Santas this is Sinterklaas, this was a freebie from the Needlework Guild of Minnesota stash reduction pile.
I like working on perforated paper, I hope to have him done by tomorrow evening.

Then I plan on starting Brenda Gervais Paper Snowflakes, I love this design, I can leave this up all winter, I do not need to take it down because it is not directly related to Christmas, I did buy the required threads, ouch is all I can say when paying for the threads needed.
I bought his a while back and am finally getting to it. ( bought way back in March) sorry about the blurry photo.

Now how about a few Christmas decorating photos, I did not do a lot of decorating this year.
Our tree in the living room, small but sweet. Not a really good photo, so sorry, I was in a hurry.

This is the tree in my office, I spend a few hours a day selling on Ebay and wanted a tree to look at.

This is a snowglobe I bought at Walgreens a few years ago, I have a green  Christmas Tree also that is a snowglobe with light and floating flakes.

This is the setting on my coffee table, I should have turned on the electric candle before taking the photo.
This is my Husband sister and brother in law, they host Christmas Eve every year, she is such a hoot, we make each other laugh all the time, I can look at her and not say a word and we start to crack up.
She hires a Santa every year we all have to take out turns sitting on Santas lap just to get a present and listen to what we need to change in the new year, Santa said I need to stop nagging Mike about his driving before we get out of the driveway, it is all for laughs.

So after the last snow fall I was shoveling off the back deck, Mike came out with this outfit on so I told him he was going to have to have a photo taken so I can post it, he said no but what he does not know will not hurt him, giggles, it was a whopping 05 degrees above zero that day.

Mike was is very generous to me  when buying gifts, we were only to buy one gift each he does not know how to listen to what he says.
There is a company here in Minnesota called Thymes, they have the best lotions and other great items, he bought me way to much. This first photo is a sampling bag, there are a few new fragrances.

I love the smell of Frasier Fir candles, they are yummy.

This is my favorite lotion and soap from Thymes, it is so soft and smell so good the Ladies at the Fragrance counter at some of the big stores like the smell.
This is Olive Leaf, it is so yummy.

I want to Wish You All A Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oh Boy The Holidays were Fun

I had so much baking and cooking done before leaving for Mikes sisters place, whew now to relax.
I will post a few photos tomorrow, I just need to keep winding down a bit.
It was a little warmer here today about 19 degrees, still cold for me, you know I like it hot.
Thank-you to all the lovely people that commented on my last post, I still need to email you thank-you's so sorry I am behind, I have been stitching and hope to keep up the stitching pace  into next year.
My tummy is full and now to plan on my new exercise routine, I hate to exercise but I have to do it, I packed on eight pounds over Christmas and I feel it now ouch is all I can say.
I had a bone scan today and hope all is well, I will find out in the next week hopefully.
I am trying to get so much  done health wise  before the end of the year, I have a bigger copay next year with my supplement.
Mike is feeling better each day, hopefully he will be back to a better health soon, I whispered oh crap and he heard it from the other room, I was folding laundry and dropped a few things all I said was oh crap and he heard it with his new hearing aides

Just a few fun photos, I will post again tomorrow, all photos found on Pinterest

I want to make these cupcakes they are so cute and look so yummy, I like marshmallows.

Some feathered friends having fun with a snowman, this is so sweet, I love the nose on this snowman.



Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
It has been a little hectic around here and finally things are calming down a bit.
I did get my baking done yesterday and cleaning today.
Mike has had more doctors visits and will get his hearing aides tomorrow yahoo he is so happy, I am saddened he has lost his hearing completely in his right ear, the fact that he came into contact with agent orange when he was in the Navy back in the late 60s early 70s has done so much damage, his triple bypass the huge mass on his lung and the hearing loss has taken a toll on him.
The V.A. has been wonderful and very accommodating  to us, they say that this is a pattern of illness from agent orange, two times he was on land from the ship on  the days they had dropped agent orange so sad.
Anyways that is why I have not been around much this year, I plan on posting more next year and yes I am doing New Year resolutions, number 1 is to lose some weight and two is to stitch more and three post more here in Blog land.

Soon The King Will Be Here
What a beautiful Family

                                                Photo Found On Pinterest

Me getting ready for Christmas
Photo found on Pinterest
Merry Christmas.
 Blondie the Cat
And Krissy

Monday, November 21, 2016

It has been a while

First I want to thank-everyone that emailed me asking if everything is okay, I would like to name you all but would take way to much time so sorry, from my heart to yours thank-you for your concern.
Michael has had some very bad and very good days, he was again in the hospital in October, his blood pressure spiked again to 245/180. he was so lucky he did not have a stroke or heart attack, however he spent three and on half days in the hospital, he lost the hearing in his right ear 100% lost so sad, there is no medical reason for this  accept that he was exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam, he is still doctoring and will continue for some time in the future, he had three shot od steroid in his ear, ouch, he was so brave, I want to pass out just thinking of it, of course this is causing his dizziness.
He also has a mass on his lung, they are telling him it is not cancer it is just something from the agent orange they will continue to monitor it, he was up at the VA in St. Cloud all day today and has to go back in December,  please I beg you to pray for him.

I want to thank Cathie who has the blog site, I sent her my used Scattered Seed  Sampler pattern she sent me the loveliest pin pillow which has a spot in my family room so I can see it everyday, this is what she made I love it.
Cathie: Thank-you so much you are an Angel, just when I needed a lift your pillow showed up, thank-you Dear Friend.

 I have been busy I have done my Scattered Seed Samplers that are mailed out periodically, I am finally getting caught up with stitching yahoo.
This is the Pins & Needles Pinpoke
I forgot to take a photo of the coordinating fabric so sorry.

This is the Mend My Soul Tailors Roll, I just love this design and the fabric color makes me so happy, the coordinating fabric is beautiful, Tammy has an eye for selecting fabric to go with her designs.

This is Come Dance With Me Pinkeep, I adore this design, I love the birds and the flower so much, I plan on using a dye to add a little flair to the designs I have stitched so far, I bought he bottle way back in January and still have not used it so now is the time.
I have never used this stuff before Instant Antique Aging Solution wish me luck, I will post photos when all is done.

This is the one I am working on now, I love this it is a scissor mat Tammy Black is so creative, I will use  this often. It is called Rest In The Lord Scissor Mat, look at the beautiful floral in brown coordinating fabric it is so pretty in person. I hope to have this one finished by Thursday.

I have been beading a little ,  last month I went to a retreat put on by Keli my friend, we stayed from Friday to Monday you can check in on Friday at 10:30 and check out at 4:00 on Monday I love the early check-in and late check-out, I took a few photos and then my battery died.
I taught a lady how to make beaded crystal balls, she loved hers and was an easy learner.
This is the one she made

Then I made one for Keli for putting together the retreat.

So sorry it is blurry, they really are much prettier in person, I will be making more for my tree this year.

Here are a couple of bracelets I have made, they were so easy to make I even surprised myself.

I do like to bead, I have been making jewelry for years  usually from broken jewelry, beading is very comforting for me.

Now I have to tell you about something that really amazed me, my wonderful Husband decided he wanted to change the wood floor to a lighter color, I was not sure about this, you see it is real wood not the laminate kind, so I said go ahead however he is doing slowly only because I am keeping him from over doing it and making him self sicker, he just wants to be productive and busy, so here is the difference.

We are giving all the old flooring to a friend who has cancer she has always wanted wood floors, so instead of throwing the flooring in the garbage she will get anew floor for free, my Mike is such a wonderful man, her whole main floor will be wood.

I want to show you a photo of Krissy's costume, she was so good and showed herself off so sweetly, she like to get dressed up.
This week she had surgery on her other kneecap poor baby, I hope that she does not need anymore surgery's.

It is time to stitch and watch The First 48,  Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate Turkey day.



Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank-you Veterans

Thank-you Veterans for the dedication and love, for serving your Country, for sacrificing for all our Freedoms.

Thank-you to the Veterans that have gone before us, You will not be forgotten.

I am a very lucky person to be able to thank-you  from the bottom of my heart to yours.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Progress on ISHW

Hello All: I am at retreat this week-end, I am having a ball.
I did finish all the stitching of my Kindred Spirits Class Project from 2015, this was a class hosted by Stitchville USA here in Minnesota.

I plan on starting to put together the items to put into the Shaker Tray.

I present:

ISHW is hosted by Joyce over at  Please stop over and see what Joyce is into.

Time to get back to stitching.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ISHW and A Retreat Week-end

Fall Greetings to you all: This week-end is ISHW by the very lovely Joyce over at, please stop over and leave a comment and maybe join the ISHW week-end and maybe get a load of stitching done.
I have a retreat this week-end, Friday to Monday, I am looking forward to this, I am excited because I do not go to the Feb or Oct. retreat any longer they moved and its just to far to drive, I will miss going to Cindy's retreats but I need to move on, they are a great bunch of ladies.
I will be only about 20 miles from home with this retreat, the other retreat Keli puts on is at a camp only 65 miles from my home and if I go the back roads it is only 55 miles.
The other retreat is about 70 miles, just to far for Mike to drive me and come to pick me up, at Keli's I can ride with a lady that lives not far from me to Keli's retreat.
Anyhoo, I have photos but the computer is not cooperating well so they will have to wait.
Stay warm and enjoy the fall colors for they will be gone soon.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tried A New Blogspot Design

Hello to all my followers, first of all if I do not send you a thank-you for your comment by email I am so sorry  am very busy.
I hope you like my new color scheme for my BlogSpot, I tried something different then what I would normally do.
I have done some stitching and will post a new photo on Thursday.
I am almost done stitching all the pieces to my Kindred Spirits, yahoo, soon I will be able to put all the pieces together and put into the tray and display in my cabinet.
I have been commissioned by my cousin to make bracelets for her upscale dress shop, I am making 25 as of now and more to be made in the near very near future, some of the photos I show you do not show how lovely they really are.
I hope this fall finds you all well and stitching your hearts out.

Just a little photo of our baby girl sitting in my chair, she thinks she owns this chair.

This is a goose strolling down the street in our neighborhood, she or he was not even bothered by cars that drove by.