Sunday, September 13, 2015

Check out the Givaway over at The Victorian motto Sampler Shoppe

Nancy is at it again, she is giving away  floss, not just floss but Aunties Flower Garden set of twelve, wow what a great giveaway, I have bought and used Nancy's  floss, for the price you get way more then any other  floss company.
So pop on over and enter.

Good luck all.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh Boy What A Month

Hello My Dear Friends: I have had a month I will never forget, my computer kept kicking me out, my internet stopped for more then four days with intervals of working and not working, UGH.
But the good news is I was able to attend the Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat back in the second week of August, what a great bunch of ladies plus one man, I am sure he felt lucky to be there with all us gabbing women.
He is a beautiful stitcher, he likes to work on very big and beautiful projects.

I did get some stitching done, I worked on my Blue Floral Ensemble by Cherished Stitches, this is a very costly kit, my friend LaRue bought this and did not want to stitch it, so I bought it for a fraction of the cost lucky me.
I finished the scissor case and the biscornu, I love the deep blue colors, not a really good picture, it is foggy out today so had to do my best. The scissors case is a little wonky because my adorable little cat decided to play with it before the picture, I will need to do a little work on it.

I finished my Scattered Seed Happy Hearts Rejoice Pinkeep Nest, I need to do the finishing work tonight, I am in love with Tammy Blacks Designs, she is very creative, and a wonderful designer, this is number two of the Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club  series, I did the The Little Sparrow Drum a few months ago. , please stop by Tammy's site and see all the wonderful things she has to offer, she sells on Ebay and Etsy, she has some things I am itching to buy.

Next is slow slow slow progress on  With My Needle Kindred Spirits, I have not done much on this little lovely, I love this kit, it is beautiful, Ellen is such a little lady and so sweet, I plan on having this done before the first of the year. (so sorry abuot the crappy picture)

I have to tell you, I had to buy a new camera, I love my new Canon Power  Shot SX530 HS with wifi, wow I am getting so technology savvy.
I took my last picture of a little girl in the neighborhood selling lemonade.
I took some beautiful pictures of the sun rising, it was so big and beautiful, I took these on my morning walk.
The higher the sun got the bigger it got wow. A little fog was also in the trees.

I received a free Fitbit for doing surveys on the computer, I had so many points and wanted to use some of them up, so a Fitbit it is.
I have been walking so much just to get my steps up there and now I am addicted, so maybe this will be my motivation to lose weight, yippee.

I am working at home today and tomorrow so Karol our customer coordinator can go on a well deserved vacation.
I am counting the days to retirement, I am down to 58 days and a wake-up call, I am getting excited and hope I will have loads to do in the near future. Loads of stitching, beading and I plan on getting back to doing stain glass again.

Many Blessings on this Labor Day week-end to all.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have to hurry while I have a internet connection on this post

Hello to all: Again we are having internet connection problems, the businesses in town have been down just as much as I have, called to the city hall this morning complaining, I do not know if the problem will be fixed, eight times since the first of the year they have been out to my home, I keep telling them it is not me but their awful connection, they say we should be up and running due to the fact that they upgraded us, I would give anything to be back where we were, yes the speed was slow but we did have no problems with connections.

Anyhoo, I was on my way home today from an awful run, a patient that was so bad I almost quit my job., so on my way home, I see a neighbor has her grandchildren in the driveway selling cool-aid, so I stopped, I am so glad I did, I asked this little sweetheart how business was, she said slow, so the 50 cent cup of cool-aid was the best four dollars I spent, she was so thankful and so very happy, by the way it was so good.

Next is the Shepherds Bush Safe Keeping Scissor Fob, I am so happy with this heart, it is beautiful,
done on 32 count French Vanilla Linen, using Silk Floss one over two, the ribbon is so beautiful, I love the addition of the beads.

Up next is another Shepherds Bush this is the Shepherds Fold Scissor Fob, done on 32 count Stone Steps, ( I love that name) this is also done one over two with overdyed threads, I love the ribbon and beads on this one also.

I received my new kit from Scattered Seed Samplers, it is the first of a four part series, this is Moriah's Summer Token, I love it, there is a stick to make a paddle fan, the fabric Tammy has chosen is beautiful, the fabric is 32 count Belfast Platinum Linen, this linen is beautiful, the backing fabric is lovely and perfect for this project.

I wanted to show you a picture of the wonderful protection Tammy puts around the package before putting in an envelope to mail, Tammy thinks of so many sweet things, also there is a small sheep charms included, thank you Tammy I love it.

Now on to something that has nothing to do with stitching, I stopped by the Phillips Eye Institute to say hello and drop off paper work, as I was standing outside talking with a couple of people I spotted a beautiful butterfly,  a swallowtail, I think it is beautiful.

Not a real good picture, I hope you can see it.

Well I need to get to stitching, I am working on another Shepherds Bush Scissor Fob, it is the All Seasons Fob, this has sheep on it I will post again soon if the Windstream will let me, my internet company.
I hope you are all getting loads of stitching done.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another Givaway From Nancy @ Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Pop on over to The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, Nancy is having another giveaway, she is a very generous Lady, by the way I have bought her threads, I love them, for the money you get a large very large skein, the colors are beautiful.

She is giving away threads oh yes threads, so click on the link and enter.

Good luck


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Oh So Much Trouble And Some Stitching

Greetings to all, welcome to my new followers: I have been having so much trouble with my internet account with ( I am going to say it) Windstream  phone company, we have been without internet access for far to long, I called the company and asked for a refund for the days I could not use the internet, they did not want to do this but had to I was not nice.
We are up today but I am sure will be down again soon.
This has been an ongoing issue since the first of the year, I am sure they think I am the ultimate b****, but when you pay for something you should get what you pay for.

Now I want to say I am so sorry to all the people that have emailed me from blog world, I am so sorry this was a problem I could not take care of, the City of Annandale is looking for a new broadband company, yippee if it happens.

Sooo on to what I have been doing, I have finished my Sampler from Scattered Seed Samplers, A Token Of Spring oh how I love this beauty, it is such a soft and lovely design I will do more in the future.

I used crushed walnut shells and stuffing,  that is why it looks a little yonky, is that a word I do not know, I love Tammy's Designs I am totally hooked she is a new designer, she has a couple of other series out please check her out at

I did receive the next installment from Scattered Seed and will start working on it this evening after finishing my current project.

Happy Hearts Rejoice is the next in the series of four, a lovely Pinkeep Nest.

So sorry about the picture I did not take the bag off and now it is raining, it is to dark in the house to take pictures.

I am working on a Shepherds Bush Safe Keeping scissor fob, this is a quick stitch, I will finish it today.

I was in a second hand store and found a great case to carry my beading and patterns, this little beauty was only 2.49, oh my goodness, I feel lucky, I love this carrycase.

The bottom picture of the case is gray in this picture for some reason, maybe the battery is low.
This is such a handy case, I bought one from Joann Fabrics many years ago and it cost me over 30.00 so I find this a real deal.

Now on to my retirement, yes it will happen, I am sad to leave the company I work for they have been so good to me, I have also been good to them the last  22 years, you know I only called in sick 7 times and canceled 6 runs due to icy roads, when I went in to tell my boss I was retiring in October  he said jokingly he did not want to talk about it, he is such a wonderful man, we are lucky to have him, I have grown to love all the people and their families at work, we are so close, I will miss them so much.

I did tell him when our customer coordinator goes on vacation I will take over for her, they just send the 1800 number to my home for the time she is off, I just love modern technology, he was so happy.
I have been putting in loads of hours due to vacations, this is o.k. with me.
I have not taken my laptop with me because I am always driving or transferring patients.
I work at the Phillips Eye Institute in Minneapolis several times a month, so it is hard to work on my laptop.

I have my Mother almost settled into her new home, yippee, she is doing so much better, I am so proud of her, she is one of the rocks in my life, I am so Blessed to have her.
I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th, we were lucky to have my Mother, Sister-in-law, Sister-in-law and her Husband and my wonderful Neighbor Gary, he was all alone and was so thankful for the invite.

I will try and comment on your blogs later today.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

I have been so busy.

I have been a little busy with Mom's move trying to unpack her belongings and hang pictures, wow I hope I never ever move myself for a long time so much packing and unpacking, I think I will stay where I am at and hope this will last until I live to be 100 years old.
You know I have enough stash to last three lifetimes.

I am so perplexed at my self for the huge mistake I mad on my Scattered Seed Samplers A Token Of Spring, I was going along so well and boom just like someone hit me with a bat, I realized I had made a big and I mean big mistake on counting,  the lower half of the Sampler has a row of diamonds, do you think I would sit and look before stitching nope just went ahead and stitched without a care, I had to rip out so much, it is almost enough to make a girl have five margaritas, what would the stitching look like with all that booze in my system? just asking, please forgive me for my comment, I am just so mad at myself, count ten times stitch once, nope not me, just forge ahead and this is what I get.

This is kind of what it looked like before I put in the Basket and Bird and the Diamonds on the bottom and the  side stitching, lo and behold I had to rip it all out, as you can see by my little sticky notes, argh and argh again. I do not have a picture of the before ripping.

So I decided to start with the Flowers and Branch's around the Birds, maybe that is where I should have started.
I wanted to get this done before the next installment comes at the end of June, oh well I am doomed until then.

I will be doing the ISHW weekend this Friday, Saturday and Sunday minus a graduation party many miles away.

I am counting the days until retirement, I am getting so excited, just think me with no work load, I have been working since the age of thirteen, I worked on weekends for two years until they found out I was only fifteen, then I found another job and worked there until eighteen, then I went to work for a printing company, worked there for seven and one half years, the company closed down, off to another job as manager for a restaurant, so as you can see I need to retire, I have been working for fifty two years minus two months.

The newest additions to our neighborhood, three baby robins and a cardinal, they are all so sweet, one of the robins was with me in the garden picking strawberries, he/she could fly but stayed with me, I just wish I had my camera  with me at the time.
there was a hawk flying around and landed in the tree, when I came out of the patio door in the bedroom to see what all the ruckus was bout he took off, I am sure he wanted one of the babies.

look hard the cardinal in on the rope of the neighbors waterfall fence, by the tassel.

Well that's it for today, I hope all are having a wonderful season of spring and getting loads of stitching done.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Some Stitching and some fun things

Greetings to all:

Than-you for your lovely comments on my last post, I am totally in love with the Little Sparrow Stitching barrel, Tammy is so talented and such a sweet Lady.
I do have some progress to show not much because I have been busy, tell you more later.

I had to rip the left side out yesterday, I was almost to the end, as I was putting the frame down to get a drink I noticed the lower hump was a little off, yep by adding one stitch I had to rip it out, nope it could not be closed to the end it had to be at the beginning, oh pooh, the more I stitch on this little lovely the more I like it.
I hope to have it finished and put together by this Sunday, the next installment comes near the end of June, wish me luck.

Next is the second bracelet I made, I did this one in a black and white with silver rings and a pewter heart that was a gift from a friend.
These go together so  fast  I want to make more, they are a simple bracelet but just the same I love them.

So sorry the pictures are so bad, I took them this morning when having my latte at Starbucks.

Next is a picture of my Mother signing the papers for her new home, the lady behind her is my Sister-in-Law, this was an exciting day for my Mother, you see she has never owned a home before, I am so proud of her.

Happy New Home Mom, I love you so much and am so proud of you.
Just a couple of photos of my Mothers home.

That chair looks so lonely.

Last week was a special week for me, I was able to travel with my wonderful Husband to Alexandria Mn. you see he teaches a Background Investigation class at some of the Law Enforcement Tech Schools in Minnesota a few days out of the year.
I went with and sat at the hotel and stitched and read until he came back, we went out to dinner that evening and I had my favorite food walleye dinner oh yum, popovers, green beans, salad, baked potato and a very large  margarita, you see our Anniversary is the 11th of June and we just could not fit in anytime to get away this week, so my wonderful Husband called my boss and set up some days off to my surprise, I was so surprised that these two men would do such a lovely thing for me, I had no idea about the days off until Wednesday morning, so we spent several days after his class and relaxed at the hotel.
On the way home we stopped at the only distillery in Minnesota, it is in a very small town (Osakis) Mn. While there Mike was able to tour and taste the whisky, he said it was so smooth and wants to buy some just to have around for sipping, you see we are not big drinkers just a little nip and some for cooking is good.

While Mike was busy I went to a place called Grandmas I bought some gifts which I cannot show you because they are for friends that belong to the Minnesota Needlework Guild.

Michael and I were sitting out on the deck reading yesterday and an Oriole decided to visit the grape jelly feeder I have out, he or she fluffed their feathers for us.

Of course we get the back side to this lovely bird, just the same they are so beautiful.

The next picture is of a deer that was eating Dr. Hurrele's flowers, I just had to take a picture, this happened this morning when I arrived at his home to pick him up to head to Brainard to see patients.

What a beautiful creature, I told him to have his wife go to the hairdresser and get hair and put it around the plants this does work I have done this for a few years now, the dear smell the hair and stay away from the gardens and bushes, sounds icky but still works.

Michaels arm is doing so well the Dr. said he is three weeks ahead of schedule, he is doing wall push-ups as part of his home physical therapy, just one of the many things he needs to do to get back in shape.
I will have some exciting news next post, at least for me it is, I will post pictures soon.

To you all


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy Spring Sitting out on the Patio Today

Good morning to all: I first want to thank-you all for your well wishes and beautiful comments.
I am humbled.
I received private get well wishes and an E-Card from Kim McCool, thank-you it came at a time when I was on a relapse, finally I am getting my health back, I have not been ill for over 12 years and wham I get pneumonia.
Now I have to say the stitching took a back seat to my illness, sad was I whenever I got up to try and eat something or  visit the ladies room I wanted to stitch so bad, now I am back at it yippee.

I was lucky enough to join a thimble exchange, this was a one time deal,  I was partners with June from http://butterfly-,  I think you need to stop by her blog, she has some of the most beautiful floral photos she shares on her blog, plus all her beautiful stitching.
June changes her shelf for the seasons, her displays are lovely.

( I had to correct my posting, this is what happens when you walk away from the computer while typing information is entered wrong  so sorry June)

I love the tissue paper and the little stickers she used, the measuring tape is adorable and the sewing machine is so cute, there is a card with two magnetic bookmarks in the upper right hand corner which today I will start using, of course id you follow me I am a lover of lace, I use it for almost everything, the little dragonfly is beaded and so small and sweet, there is a small notebook that is so small and cute, I love the pewter thimble it is lovely, I have never had many thimbles in my life only five and they are all special so now I can add this one to the collection.
Than-you June, so sorry this has taken so long to post, the package came when I was ill and I put it away to open later, I thank-you with all my heart.

Next is a beautiful stitching project I received from Louise Penglase, I love birds and Louise sent me the cutest Kookaburra from the Australian Collection by Lesley Suzanne Davies, Louise also sent along an extra piece of linen which I will hand dye and use for the third Jeannette Douglas Biscornu
from her Spring Biscornu Collection, what a lovely surprise it was for me to find this little lovely package in my mailbox.
Thank-you Louise, I love it.

I finally finished my Shepherds Bush A Full Heart, I am so happy to get this piece ready for the shaker box.
By the way, the Shaker box recommended for this piece cost about 165.00 dollars yes I said it right, so I went to Ebay and found one for 12.00 and a little shipping charge, it is beautiful, I love it, I sure would like to have bought the one they recommend for the project but that would have taken so much stitching money away from me, so being the sensible person I am I found one for the price I am most comfortable with.
May I present:

I do need to press the linen before I put on top of the box, I want to finish the edges of the box top a little different from what S.B. has done, how I am not sure.

I am working on my Scattered Seed Samplers A Token Of Spring, I love this project, it is a barrel pin cushion, (I am a sucker for pin cushions)  Tammy Black is from Wisconsin and is a wonderful Designer her link; Tammy has a new series coming out it is all about sheep, Title is The Sheepish Needle Sampler Club  sign-up starts tomorrow I believe, she has a payment plan if you like, oh please stop over and visit her site.

Next is a bracelet I did yesterday at Becka Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota, I needed something to do yesterday to get me out of the house, soooo I did this .

I do not normally go for this kind of jewelry making but this was to cute to pass up, I am going to work on a black and white one using small size ribbon instead of leather cording, I want to put a magnetic clasp on instead of a button, by the way Becky made the flower button I used on the end of the coral bracelet, (she is very talented) thank-you Becky for the class and the wonderful ladies I met there yesterday.

If you can see the pewter  and blue charm in the upper right hand corner I did that at Becka Beads last year, I am going to make a pendant and earrings with the brass and gold beads this week, I wanted something to go with my brown suit coat just to brighten me up a little, I will post a picture later this week.

Blessings to you all and thank-you again for your lovely comments on my last post.
Needle and thread are calling.