Monday, November 24, 2014

On the road again

Greetings all: I am so glad to be home, it was brutel on the road this past week, icy and snowy and just plain ishy.
Tonight I am stitching  (cannot show you) so sorry it is time to get caught up on my exchange.
Just stitching and drinking hot chocolate, yummy yummy in my tummy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all
I am thankful for my Family, health and life, and all the people that help to keep this country safe and free.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sooo slow at blogging

Hello and a warm welcome to all my followers.
I have been very busy working, this time of year all the snowbirds are trying to get their appointments in before leaving for warmer weather, I do wish I were one of them.
Today the temps started out at  4 degrees, oh my gosh it is cold.
Last monday I was on the road and late for everything due to icy roads and crappy weather, I am so thankful Dr. Jay is patient with me and the driving conditions, over 400 cars ended up in the ditch or accidents, some people think they will not have any problems driving on the winter roads, I take it slow I like to get to my destination safe and arrive home the same way.

 I have been busy stitching and sewing, I am working on a lovely exchange which I cannot show you just yet.

I am making a wine tote bag for a friend who gave me a gift a little over a year ago and now have finally found just the right thing for her, this is the start of the tote, I will show the finished item soon.

This is a curved bag with pockets on each side, it is a pattern from the Minnesota  Needlework Guild.
Next up are some mice I am putting together, this is a free pattern from Bustle and Sew magazine
This is a great magazine, sign up for the newsletter. if you get a chance.
I love these little mice they are so sweet. I need to make 12 of them, I hope to have them finished next week-end, wish me luck.

I bought some fabric from an on line store, I have wanted to stitch a halloween pattern with something special, so hunted for a while and found a great place on the net,,  I will be buying from this site again, the fabric is hand painted and oh so nice. it is 27X17.5 28 count Lugana the name is Carpe Noctem, I will start stitching my halloween pattern after the first of the year, I am way too busy now to start anything new.

I went to Becca Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota last week for a class, Becky has the best shop I have had the pleasure of visiting,  the shop is filled with oh so many beautiful beads to choose from, Becky makes many of her own beads and does horse hair bracelets, someday I will buy one from her, they are beautiful.
I bought three spiders that a friend of hers made,  they are so sweet, they will also be gifts for someone for their Christmas Tree.

They are about 2 inches long, made out of beads and buttons and for only three dollars apiece I think I got a deal.

I am still working on my Christmas towels I have three done and will finish the fourth this evening, I will post a picture on monday or tuesday.

We are going to buy a new living room set today, we donated the set we have now to the Youth Room at Church, thye really needed a set the group is using a sofa that is really a mess and broken up oh so old.
We will go out to lunch today yippee, hot hot soup sounds good to me with a big piece of french bread yummy yummy in my tummy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank-you Veterans

Blessings and a big thank-you to all Veterans past present and future, without you I would not be able to enjoy the freedoms I do.
God Bless America and all She stands for.


Friday, October 31, 2014

My Drive by Post

It is a sad day in America when a person can just drive up to a vehicle and shoot someone, I am referring to the beautiful little Lady in Oakland California,  her name is Perla Avina such a lovely name, how sad is it that she lost her life let alone leaving behind a Husband and four beautiful Children.
Remember people kill people not guns kill people, the gun is just the vehicle that someone uses.
I pray for her Family and pray for the stupid idiot that shot her.
Just letting off steam.



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A very nice package arrived

I have been at it again, working and more working, I do love my job, I will  be 64 in january, and want to retire early to enjoy life, I  will try and retire on may first 2015.

I was away at work last week when my wonderful Husband called me to tell me a package arrived, I asked him to open it for me, he said I will like what arrived.
Gracie over at sent me the sweetest pansy sampler it is beautiful, it has a pink ribbon on it thank-you Gracie I love it, along with the stitched sampler, are some beads with a clasp to make a bracelet, a note pad which I will use positively, a beautiful halloween card handmade it is a cool card, a small pumpkin to hang on my tree and a sucker with a scorpion in it, now some of you will say ewww, not me I am ver adventerous, I have had many critters in my tummy, last june I had grasshopper salad it was fantastic, so I am sure the scorpion will be just as good.
Gracie you are a wonderful Lady thank-you for a beautiful package.

I love doing the R&R and hope to do another one.
I will be dropping Gracie's package off in the mail today I have a day at home for once, then tomorrow back on the road.

I was away at a fall retreat, our last on at Totino Grace Retreat Center, makes me very sad, the ladies at this retreat are some of the most amazing Ladies, I hope the person trying to put together a retreat for febuary will come up with a new place.

I was a little on edge at this retreat, I need to tell some of the ladies at my table how very sorry I am my Mother is not getting better she is getting worse in front of my eyes, oh so sad, she of course did this to herself which makes me mad, she was a two pack a day smoker for most of her life, Mom had to quit smoking 5 years ago when she ended up in the E.R. so self inflicked illness, so sad.
I lost two of my younger Brothers to lung cancer (smokers) my Father died due to the smoking habits he had, so sad.
I however feel very lucky, never tried  a cigarette or drugs, just beer when I was young, never did much drinking, I still like a drink when we are out or on fridays in the hottub under the stars.

I am going to work on a few things today just so I can get them off my sewing table, edging around a quilt, my Drawn Thread Pocket ouch wish me luck, and maybe what ever else I can find, (I need to )get my sewing room back in order, I have been away for work so much that things are getting out of hand in that room.

I am working on four Christmas finger towels, I have had these for so long i just gave in and started to work on them at retreat, I finished one of the red ones and am working on one of the green ones.

Well I need to get to my sewing room so will say goodby until we meet again ( Roy Rogers) saying.
Now I really have dateed myself. Giggles

Hugs to you all


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just a little look at fall

Happy Fall: I love this time of year just not what comes after it, you know Pssssst winter.
I want to show you a tree we see from our  breakfast nook, I love this tree.

Here are a few pictures from Waconia Minn.

When I am in Waconia working I see the town really come together  during holidays, I will post Christmas pictures in december, stay tuned.
I love this Spider Web.

Elvis is such a hoot, this was about six feet tall.

You may have to click on the photo to see the scarecrows in the pictures better.

I am almost finished with my R&R, I have retreat this week-end with the greatest group of Ladies, this will be our last fall retreat, unless someone can find a new place to go.
Wish us luck.

I need to go pack and do some stitching.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Bloghop

Today is catch-up day wowo so much to do when I get home from the road.

What Am I Stitching On?
Well I am stitching on a R&R that is being run by June at Butterfly wings, so I cannot show you, that item, I did finishe the stitching on my Drawn Thread Pocket, today I will stitch the pocket together.
I also started a new pattern from Tralala Collection priv'ee
I am doing the middle pattern, she is so cute.

I did manage to finish this little ornament from HeartNHand, I used all the required threads.

Hoe Does My Work Differ From Others
I am not sure my work differs from others, I am a long time stitcher, love it to bits, it relaxes me, I think we as stitchers all have an idea that is similar to others but sometimes our stitching color choices may be switched out and our finishing is a little different then others.
I am also a beader, felt penny rugs, stain glass ( need to post picturs soon)  copper work with pipes and many other crafts.
I am sure there are other stitchers that have a world of other crafts they try or do.
Why Do I Write Or Create What I Do
I have never been  very good at writing, I am an avid reader, however composing a post does give me a challenge sometimes.
The words just donot seem to come to me.
Maybe someday when I retire with less on my mind it will come easier.
How Does My Creating Process Work
Hmmm well I am willing to try just about anything related to a needle and thread, I see beauty in almost everything, I picked up shells in Mexico in march and June of this year, I will creat a bracelet with them, use them on some stitching and who knows what else, even orts can be used as a project.
I love to meet people whoever they are, the Blog World has given me an opportunity that is as amazing as can be, seeing the work and creativity of others is very inspiring, it also give me a break from a hectic day, just reading about otgher peoples ideas and creativity.
I just am not sure who I will invite to join the BlogHop, I need to think.
Happy Fall

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ISHW week-end and some news

Good day my favorite peoples: Yesterday started the ISHW week-end, I stayed up late finishing an R&R for a special Lady.
I will post some pictures tomorrow about what I have stitched in the last two weeks.
I also have read on the net that Prairie Moon is retiring, sooo if you have or want any of their patterns jump on the band wagon, I have already been looking and will call my favorite person to order soem for me ( I love the halloween series they have).

Just a drive by post, I need to get ready for a baby shower.

Happt Spring to you all.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today is Lucille Ball Day

Her are a few pictures of the funniest Lady of all time.

So this thing will only let me upload one picture, this evening when I get home I will add more pictures of Lucille she is a hoot.

I have been on the road the last two weeks, next week and this Friday I will be working at home, I have a few pictures to show what I have been working on as I have been working away from home.
One is an R and R which I cannot show pictures of just yet and a couple of small finishes and my Drawn Thread Pocket which I hope to have stitched into a pocket this week-end.

Happy Fall to all my lovely Followers.

Please stop over at Edgars blog spot I would like you to see the beautiful pictures of his vacation to France, I  am sure you will enjoy them.

Fall Blessings to you

Mor pictures of Miss Ball she was so beautiful a natural beauty.

Oh so funny.

Who can forget this silly episode.

Oh my gosh the chocolate factory.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

ISHW update

I was lucky enought ot be able to stitch most of ISHW week-end, I am working on a round robin so cannot show you what I am working on.
I will show you the quilt that was quilted at the Gone to Pieces Quilt shop, I am not a quilter and a while back Conny from gave me a quilt top sooo I took it to a quilt shop to have it done on the longarm machine, it is beautiful, I need to just do the trimming around the edge.

It is beautiful, I will post a new picture when I finish the edges.

I  worked on a bracelet and finished it on sunday, please excuse the threads, this is a pattern I bought from Becka Beads in Maple Lake Minnesota.
I love the colors they are so shiny. So sorry the pictures are not the best.


I started a new pattern it is a french pattern I bought from The Thread Basket, I love everything about this pattern I hope to have it finished this week-end.


Well its time for bed Project Runway is almost over and I need to brush my teeth, and get some shut eye, I will be up early again tomorrow.

Blessings and happy stitching.


Friday, September 19, 2014

WORK WORK WORK when does it end

In Minnesota we are on the threshold of fall, brrrrr, the temps have really dropped, I am sad, I need to move to warmer weather when I retire, we have been talking about maybe next may 1st, I am crossing y fingers. I am not sure what I will do for a part time job just for some pocket money, I am sure I will do something, maybe I will vonlunteer at the hospital, who knows, wish me luck when the time comes.
I am so sorry I have not been able to post earliere in the month, I recieved a beautiful package from Jaquie at I am so thrilled with what she made me, it is beautiful, Jaquie also sent along beautiful ribbons with buttons, you know how I love buttons, I am in the process of making a button bracelet and some of the buttons she sent me will go on the bracelet.
Jacquie also sent a lovely pillow with a cute sweet saying, I am thrilled with the lace and ribbons also they are beautiful, I was also lucky enough to get two patterns one with the thread and a small picture frame.

What a lucky Lady I am, I have finished stitched Jacquie's square and will post it tomorrow.

This is a bracelet I made from one of two kits I was given at MN. Needlework Guild Retreat in august, my lovely Friend Jan Kelly gave them to me,  the other bracelet is in the colors of green and blue, I will work on that one this weekend, thank-you Jan you are an Angel, I did not do the six strands that I called for it was way to chunky for me, I will do something in the line of earrings and a necklace with the leftover beads.

At Retreat the retreat chairs pick wonderful gift bags to give each guest, this is one of the gifts, it comes with all the ingredients you just need to put them together, I love this little shell it will sit in my case with my other collectables, Thank-you MnGuild Chairs.

This was a partial kit I found in the stash reduction pile at retreat, it is from the 2000 Shepherds Bush Retreat, I love this little pattern I will be making a scissor fob. it is done on 32 count Light Sand linen, over two threads., I will use crushed walnut shells to add depth to the fob.

This is a pattern I bought way back when from The Thread Basket the button to the Basket is at the top of my main page, I cannot remember, it is a beautiful small heart about 3x3, it is so much prettier in person, I have to tell you this is my first attempt at ribbon work, it is not the best but has me very interested in ribbon work now.
 I will have to research this craft oh no not another thing to get into oh well, I am weak oh so weak when it comes to crafting.

And a few more stitches on The Drawn Thread pocket, soon very soon I will hvae this finished, I did manage to get the framing for the words done but had no update picture, next post.

it is time to get ready for work late shift today ugh on a friday, I hope all youe wish's come  true   you get loads of stitching done and have a beautiful rest of your day.



Friday, September 5, 2014

My second post this week yahoo

Hello everyone: I hope this day finds you all well.
Thank-you for all your kind words and emails about my lovely Mother.
She is doing better, we took her out to dinner this week to Buca di Bepo for lunch, it was a little too early for her to be out, so a little setback, she insisted she wanted to go, I donot blame her, she was in the house for almost three weeks.

Now on to a little exchange information, Kim from Iowa sent me the loviest blue square with my ential on it, I plan on putting it on a box for my beading stuff.
Thank-you Kim your stitching is beautiful, she also added a beautiful scissor fob, as you all know I am a hound for fobs,  the little hearts say  made with love I am nuts about them, the fabric is so beautiful, I have an idea for it I just hope it works out.
kim is so kind to send such lovely things.
Thank-you from my heart and soul.

 This is what I sent Kim, it is a TrLaLa pattern found at the Thread Basket, I have a link on my main page, try it out take a look you may find something you cannot live without.

I am almost finished with my Drawn Thread Sewing pocket, I plan on finishing the stitching tonight, I will post a picture on sunday or monday.
I have been working on a couple of bracelets that were given to me by my friend Jan at Needlework Guild Retreat, they are colorfull and fun, I will also post pictures on sunday or monday.
It is almost dinner time so must go,  its ribs, potatoes and salad tonight.
To you all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I have missed you all

Welcome to all my followers so sorry I have not posted earlier, august was a bittersweet month.
I recieved a beautiful exchange from  June over at, June is the sponser of the Round Robin, which I am enjoying so much.
This is what she sent me.
This is what I sent June:

This is a very old pattern from Dimensions it was a kit, I love this pattern.
I love pansy's, they are so refresing and so delicate, I did as a pansy pattern for June, we did not know what each other was stitching.
I love all the goodies June sent the soap is from Cath Kidtson wow I love all of Cath Kidston line of goodies.The Madera thread is so beautiful, the color will be used for a christmas project I have in mind.
I am a button freak, I have jars of them vintage and new, the buttons June sent are a very light color of lavander, oh so pretty, I want to use them on a bracelet I plan on making, I am not sure what I will do with the pansy' square just yet maybe on a pocket on one of my jackets.
I was at Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat the week of 11th to the 17th, what a great time I had,
I took a doll class from Barb Kobe from Minnesota, she is an amazing teacher, I was not all myself that week my Mother became very ill and almost died, so my mind was not where it should have been, but I did finish a doll from start tpo finish, they are made out of tree beanches, batting, ducktape
molding clay and fabric with staing and paints.
This is the biginning of Sheba

Her face is made out of modeling clay the kind you buy from Target, I freeformed her face she is a littl on the homely but I love her, the hair is made out of yarn, the dress I ripped from a scarf, she will hang in the family room.

These lovely creatures were made by a Mother and daughter team they were a hoot to have in the same class, they are very creative ladies.

I will post somemore later this week, I have been busy making bracelets and stitching.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Computer Issues an update and my late ISHW post

Welcome to my new followers, thank-you.
I wish to thank all my followers today without you I would have no one to show what I have done.
My Husband just says thats nice, men oh well, they do not get excited about crafting like I do.
I had the pleasure of joining a Round Robin put on over at, June has a lovely blog site stop over and take a look.
I recieved a lovely package from Heather from Ireland, sime threads, a lenght of fabric which will be stitched for a small box, and a beautiful Lifes A Stitch  by Lizzie Kate, 7x7 square, I love this I am going to make a needlebook with this, the fabric is a beautiful dyed piece. Heather is at, stop on over and give a visit she just became a Grandmother, she is so lucky.
This is waht she sent me.
Next up is a piece from The Spring Fling that Stitchville USA put on last spring, this is a Drawn Thread  patter you could do a picture sampler or a sewing pocket I choise the sewing  pocket, I am almost done I stitched on this for my ISHW and did get loads done I have maybe two hours left, then I can stitch it up into a pocket.
May I Present

The picture looks kind of strange I just could not get  a great picture.

Next is a bracelet I did at a class at Becka Beads in Maple Lake Mn.
I plan on taking it again with the Minnesota Needlework Guild on august 12, there are so far 5 of us going, we have a week long retreat in Buffalo Mn. I donot have to travel far just 16 miles wow what a treat, I look forward to this retreat now, this will be my second time, the people are so wonderful loads of visiting sharing and stitching.
 This is the bracelet it comes in 5 or 6 colors.

So sorry about the crappy picture I tried several places to get a good picture this was the best very cloudy today.

Today I shall try and finish my Drawn Thread Sampler, wish me luck.

Happy stitching to all.



Monday, July 7, 2014

A little stitching on the fourth week-end and some outdoor pictures

I made it through the week-end with a little stitching and a few margaritas, even the hottub was my friend,  we turn down the heat in the summer and use it to cool down, sitting in the tub and watching the fireworks going off on the lake in town was the highlite of the 4th, it was a stunning display, we sang America at the end of Mass on saturday night it was very emotional for me, I am so grateful to live in this country, even with all the crazy things that are going on that sometimes make no sense to me, maybe someday the government will start to think of its citizens and not themselves.

Anyhoo, I did get some stitching, one was a finish  from a pay it forward I recieved from Robin over at Robin has a beautiful blogsite so stop on over.

I know some of you have done this flag in the stitches it called for but I decided to due the traditional cross stitch, I was going to do a scissor fob but changed my mind and will hang it on my mirrow in my car.

Next is a stitch I have not finished as you can see, I used a 28 ct. White Opalescent fabric, I like the sparkle it has a little more pazazz, I hope to finish this today.

This is waht I am reading  this week, I finished Monica Ferris's book Thai Die it is a great mystery with a lovely pattern in the end of a Han Phoenix for cross stitching.

My Stella DeOros are in full bloom along my sidewalk and driveway, they are so pretty, when it is a gloomy day they still look bright and sunny.


I also want to show you the tree that someone poisened, we have a good idea who, just cannot prove it right now, we do have security camaras now and hope that they donot come back.

On to a better note here are some of the visitors from our yard, I just love birds and animals so much, enjoy, however we seem to be feeding the deer more bird seed then the birds that is o.k. they need to eat too.

A Downy Woodpecker eating suet from our deck railing hanger, these birds live in Minnesota all year around.

This frog just would not leave me he spent a good amount of time on my hands.

Sneeky deer.

This is a picture of one of the feeders I need to fill.

My last picture is of Blondie (Starlynn) our baby.