Monday, April 15, 2024

Happy Spring Here In Minnesota

 Greetings top all my faithful followers, thank-you from my heart for your comments, thank-you for all the private emails I received about how well I am doing, this touches my heart, thank-you so much.

I am doing well, I have flutters every once in a while but the doctor said that is to be expected due to the angry areas that were invaded with the ablation, it will go on for up to three months.

My husband likes to give gifts, he was raised with three sisters they taught him to be kind to the lady he marries, Mike wanted to give me an anniversary gift before our 47th anniversary, he is so kind.

I cried so much the day the DMC box arrived and with all the threads, I am so grateful for his kindness

This is something I had been looking at for about a month, he must have seen that I was interested in this design, and to think this came in one day it is a Minnesota company that sent it.
I sit with my back to the office door facing the window so I can enjoy the outside and what is going on with the birds and children playing its so much fun to see the children having fun

The threads are amazing, they are so soft and silky, I am not sure when I will start this one, I have two projects going now which I have never done before I will share                                                 them with you today

I did buy this on Etsy the site is: NARAxcrossStitchPatterns, there are some lovely                        designs on that site, hopefully I will start this one before fall

 This lovely Sampler is from The Wishing Thorn, I bought my first design from                                             Birgit one year ago, I love her Samplers

 I won this on a YouTube video giveaway, I am so sorry I cannot find the name of      the Youtuber, her name is Lisa Smith, I am so sorry about not remembering her              YouTube name, I will hunt it down and let you know her YouTube name

You know I love doing wool applique and working with wool, well I found this         sweet design online and hope to get to it sometime soon, I will make one change instead of the Fall letters being on different hanging fabric I will do them all on one     piece of fabric, also I plan on not doing the cotton fabric it is too wrinkly for me

This is what I am working on now, I love the Cats from Kitty and Me designs, I had stitched one a little over a year ago, now this one, I love the blue fabric Pamela chose but could not find it anywhere to purchase, this is the other on I want to enter                                                   in the county fair in July

 Next up is the Nativity Band Sampler this I also bought in the Etsy shop, by A New Creation by Alison, she has some amazing designs

 I am not a fan of black or dark blue fabric but this works for me so far, I started this on Saturday evening, did not get much done, I also want to enter this one in the                                                            county fair this year
 I would like to show more of what I have been up to but do not want to make this so long, again than-you for your kindness to Michael and myself for all your                                                        prayers they really do work



Victor S E Moubarak said...

Very talented. And a lot of patience.

God bless.

Marilyn said...

What great gifts you received from Mike.
You have some beautiful projects.
I hope you win some ribbons for your work at the fair.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Beautiful gifts and such lovely projects, happy stitching.

Carol said...

Oh, what a wonderful, thoughtful gift from your husband, Catherine! We will celebrate our 47th anniversary this summer, too--1977 was a great year :)

You have so many lovely projects both on the go and yet to come. I especially love that new Nativity chart that you got on Etsy--the design is so unique with the flowers in the front bottom and the sweet grazing sheep. I bet the other Nativity on black will be a big hit at the fair.

Enjoy your day now and I hope you're getting the same warm sunshine in Minnesota as we are in Pennsylvania! ♥

marly said...

What a special gift from your sweet hubby! That new chart is quite large, lots of colors, will be a beauty. Glad you are doing well!!

butterfly said...

What a lovely gift from your hubby , they do get kinder with each year ,
We have been married for 57 years now and we have had a ball.Ha
Beautiful stitching and your new buys are lovely.
Have a wonderful week hugs June.

Katie said...

Wow what great gifts!
Glad to hear you are doing well. I was thinking about you.
Beautiful work on everything. Love all your new projects. Enjoy!

DJ said...

Your stitching is lovely! How nice to win a contest, those are always the best surprises! What a sweetheart you married! The DMC box is such a lovely gift and it shows he really is interested in what you do to find a kit you have been looking for! I'm glad to hear you are healing well and feeling better. Happy Stitching!

gracie said...

You are brave to stitch on black!!!
Sorry I did not know you are having health issues.....I have been blog absent. I hope all continues to go well for you. Mike is a keeper.

Sandi said...

Glad you are feeling better, Catherine. Angry areas! That's a funny way to say it. It made me giggle a little even though it is a serious topic.

The Nativity scene is beautiful!

Toki said...

Hi Catherine. I was deeply moved Michael’s deep kindness.😂
I am very happy that you are actively doing needlework.😊
I love the design you choose.
I want you and Michael to enjoy many things together while taking care of your bodies.