Sunday, July 3, 2022

Let The People Choose Over At Serendipitousstitching

Found these on Pinterest, Jo at is hosting the July Let The People Choose, the theme is cats, check it out on her site.

I do not have stitched cat designs but wanted to share these photos, the below photo is of Blondie The cat, she is a sweet baby who loves to lay on my chest and neck.

                                                                  This one is too funny.

                                       This cracks me up Blondie likes to sit on my keyboard.


                                                     Have a safe and wonderful fourth of July



butterfly said...

Cute cats , what fun.

Marilyn said...

Very cute & funny pics.
I love cats, but am extremely allergic. :(

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Jasmine loved the photo's and sends her love to Blondie. big hugs Lynda Ruth

Pamela said...

Blondie is very sweet.

Carol in Texas said...

These are hilarious! I’ve forwarded your blog entry to several other cat lovers. That first photo is priceless!!!!

Terri D said...

Cute giggles!! Of course, I love all the cats!!

Faith... said...

Love the kitty pictures! They were a good substitution!

Heritage Hall said...

I sent the first one to others as a warning to our Sealpoint, Bootsie.
Your have been in my daily prayers and I'll now include your beloved.
Take care and thank you for the good laughs.