Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I Have Been Busy And A Bit Of Stitching

 We have been very busy here in the Laurent home, with illness and getting things ready for the spring and summer, I have had problems with uploading and commenting on blogs, not sure why some of you I cannot comment on at all, so sorry for that, if I have not commented on your Blog I do apologize. 

I did work on the Hands On Design from a class project that Stitchville had in 2021, it is a sweet set, I like the colors of the threads and fabric.

This is the second part of the design I finished, the flowers remind me so much of a garden I once visited.

I did finish Edward ScissorFish, i had ruined the pattern a bit so had to do a bit of my own thing with some of the beads, I will never do a project like this again, it was way too time consuming for my liking, however i do like him very much.

These are the Burse and Pall I did for a friend who is a Priest in Minnesota, he kindly sent a photo so I may show them to you, I would make these again if I had the chance they are so meaningful to my heart.

I made this bag from a kit I found in the stash relocation a few years ago at Minnesota Needlework Guild Retreat, I used it as a Easter Bag, it is felt and beads I really like how it turned out.

I also finished another small amulet i found in again the stash relocation at retreat, I will kee needles in this little bag.

Now the news, Mike has had a couple of small heart attacks related to agent orange, its so heart wrenching to see him ill, he has worked out three to four days a week since he was 13 years of age, he was on the USS Eldorado during VietNam, he drove the Marines to shore and both time came in contact with Agent Orange.

Please keep him in your Prayers please, they cannot do any kind of test until they have the dye that goes into his veins to see where the blockage is, many truckers cannot afford the gas or diesel to work now with the pipe lines down and now we are buying oil from another country its a crying shame.

The dyes are sitting on a ship in the bays waiting to be picked up, so sorry to dump this on you, I wanted you to know that I have done a bit of stitching and keeping an eye on Mike, I wake up every hour to make sure he is okay and still with us here in this amazing world.

I will post again when I have a bit of stitching done on the 2020 class project.

Gods Blessings to you all



gracie said...

Oh dear friend, I am so sorry that Mike is having issues. Love your stitching. I know how helpful having projects to do while I sat with Dennis before his passing. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

Terri D said...

I am so sorry to read this about your Mike. I will keep him in my prayers and please keep us posted. Hope the dye makes it to shore sooner than soon! I loved seeing your projects, and the beaded fish is SO CUTE! Thank you for the updates. xo

Pamela said...

Best wishes for Mike’s recovery. You have finished some beautiful projects!

Heritage Hall said...

You have really been needling away, dear heart... lovely finishes.
You are in my daily prayers, Catherine, and I now add Mike for healing
and recovery. The embroidery you have done for your Priest/Friend is
quite an achievement and I can imagine the love you poured into each
piece....Please take care and trust in Him.

Vickie said...

Catherine I am so very, very sad about dear Mike. I am praying for him. Brian is working tonight, but when he gets home in the morning I will tell him and we will pray together for Mike again.
Your work is so very lovely my friend.

LaRue said...

Cathy, so sorry to hear about Mike. Will keep both you in my thoughts and prayers. I've got the HOD project stitched, but haven't put it together. Keep on stitching and hope to see you in Buffalo

butterfly said...

So sorry Catherine to hear that Mike is not well , you will both be in my prayers .
Your stitching is beautiful , I have missed you .
Take care and big hugs to all.

Marilyn said...

Those are some cute Hands On projects.
The Fish is gorgeous, but looks like a ton of work.
It's amazing what we find in our stash sometime!
Prayers for Mike.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Such beautiful finishes! Edward ScissorsFish is adorable! I know you didn't like the beading but gosh, you did a fantastic job of it!

So sorry to hear about Mike, I'm hoping that he gets the dye soon and there is more info on his condition and a treatment plan in place. I've had my own health/cardiac issue recently and it's scary for all - the patient as well as their loved ones. I'm sure his healthy habits have/will help with everything he is going through. Hugs to you both!

Sandy said...

Catherine, I am so sorry to hear this news about Mike. You know I will add both of you to my daily prayers. Please keep me posted.

As for the stitching and sewing, it is all just lovely. I can't even imagine doing that beading work. I am afraid I would not have the patience for all of that.

Carol in Texas said...

My goodness, when will we get smart and quit importing all the necessities of medical care from other countries….most likely China!!!!! To think that the dye needed for Mike’s procedure is sitting outside some port waiting to be unloaded. Where is our ‘marvelous’ head of the Transportation Department? Why isn’t he handling all this? Our poor country is being run by incompetents. It is so distressing.

Your pieces are lovely. Isn’t stitching a wonderful vice???? Your needlework organization sounds lovely too. In Austin I was a member of the Austin Needlework Guild, an organization of lovely ladies who did gorgeous work. I learned a lot from them.

Prayers your way…..from Texas

marly said...

Edward Scissorfish? LOL!! Adorable and obviously a ton of work. All the projects are wonderful.

I hope your husband gets treated soon and starts feeling better. Not feeling well is enough stress without wondering when they can test to diagnose. Terrible.

Lynn said...

Hugs and prayers for Mike, and you! I miss you!