Thursday, April 29, 2021

Some Stitching Lots of Garden And Yard Work

I have been having some horrible problems trying to post photos, I am typing ands do not see the Scattered Seed I clicked on preview and the photo shows the way it should, I am not sure what is happeing with google. I have started this beautiful design from Tammy Black, it is a four part series that auto ships four times a year.
I did stitch these adorable mittens they will be stand-ups for a display at Christmas. I also have received another large order for the beade crystal balls, i have them down to making in less then an hour, it took me two hours to make my first one, I have now made almost three hundred of these balls.
I needed some fabric and found this adorable set of beehives and the pattern, they will be going to a very sweet Lady across the big pond from the USA. I want you to pop over to Pamela has a few new charts that are adorable, i am going to have to order the apple designs, they are adorable, so is the watermelon what am I saying they are all adorable.
Please give her a visit, she also has a continous sampler design going for free. Well everyone its time to get the pups out and do some planting of pots. until next post Bless You All Catherine


Rita said...

Wow, Pamelas patters are really lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

I'm sorry you've been having trouble posting photos, Catherine! I'm about ready to sit down and write a new post--sure hope I don't have that trouble.

Lovely stitching and those mittens are adorable. Enjoy your gardening time--it is such a pretty time of year, isn't it!

Donna said...

Something strange is always going on with Google. Ugh!
Spring time flowers pots? I cant wait to plant flowers outside, soon I hope.
Enjoy your stitching

Marilyn said...

Cute SS piece, & the mittens are adorable.

Stasi said...

Catherine, I've done some of those mittens and they are so darn cute! Love your bee finds!

Vickie said...

Seeds of Kindness is a wonderful pattern. What cute mittens! Hope your garden is looking good!

Sandy said...

The stitches are all lovely. Many things are unusual and I have never seen. That is always fun to find new and different.
I think Blogger is trying to make it harder for us these days. I think they are trying to compete with some of the other more complicated platforms, but I always loved the ease of blogger.

Faith... said...

The mittens are adorable! What will you do with all the crystal balls?

You can always copy and paste the pictures on to your blog or drag them from a window onto your blog.

butterfly said...

Love the mittens your stitching is just beautiful .
Yes it use to be so easy on blogger,I wish they would leave things and ask us first if we want change .
Have a lovely weekend .

roughterrain crane said...

The mittens are cute and the fruit designs are joyful.