Wednesday, February 24, 2021

An Update on My Stitching

 First of all I want to thank-you all for your comments on my last post, I am grateful for all my followers and comments.

Now on to commenting, I have tried to leave comments on some blogs I get an error saying oh oh something is broken, not sure why this is happening, I have tried several times and had no luck it is only a few blogs as of now, I just want you all to know that if I have commenting in the past I am still a follower but cannot comment for some reason.

I am so happy to show you a little progress on Jesus Wept, some of the words in the Sampler are different, like the word Wept, the young girl that designed this Sampler many years ago spelled Weept, I did keep that word that way on the Sampler, I also have changed a few things on the page like the border, for some reason it just did not look right so I changed it a little.

As you can see many of the things she stitched are very close together, I did not want to change them I thing they are charming in this Sampler.

I stitched this on 36 count linen, I wanted something smaller when framed, I have done a little more stitching since this photo was taken, I hope to have it finished by Sunday or Monday next week.

I am having my veins taken care of in my right leg there are only two, one of them is so painful I have to get it done, I hate going under and coming out of anesthesia, I get such migraines, I will be off one day from the food shelf and back on Monday.

I hope things are getting better for our friends in the south, how sad that energy companies are taking advantage of people in this time of the pandemic and charging such high prices for natural gas, shame on them, I hope the government does something about the price gouging.

Have A Wonderful Day



Marti said...

What a pretty little sampler. Are you doing yours in the same colors?

I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I've heard how painful that it. So far, knock on wood, I haven't had that kind of pain with my veins.

I have a question for you regarding linen cloth. I just saw a kit I'd like to buy and it says the linen cloth is 28ct which is about the same as 14ct aida. Do you find linen as easy to work with as aida? I need to go see what count my current project is because I really don't think I can do another one that small.

Sandy said...

Not sure why you would have trouble commenting. I have 3 blogs (though one isn't current), and it looks like people are commenting ok. Wonder if you need to clear the cache on your computer and reboot? Are you in need of an update perhaps?

My eyes hurt thinking about 36 count, on my; but what a pretty sampler. You must be very patient to work on that.

Sandy's Space

Shami Immanuel said...

Sampler is looking pretty. Stitching on 36 - count is hard for me. Will pray for you painful leg. Everything will be ok.

Marilyn said...

Jesus Wept is coming along nicely.
Prayers for your surgery.

Mary said...

Jesus wept is coming along beautifully. I will keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery and I surely hope you don't get a migrane, they are horrible.

Sandy said...

The sampler is just beautiful. I thing Blogger has gone though some changes as of late. It is wonky at times for me too. I have lots of trouble commenting on WordPress blogs.
I get migraines too after anesthesia. It is the worst. I will say a prayer that it goes smoothly.

marly said...

Lovely sampler Catherine. Good luck on the vein surgery. I had EVLT done four times and just completed 11 rounds of Varithena over two years. Neither required anesthesia, which makes me nauseous for days.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Good luck on your procedure Catherine! I hope that a migraine isn't triggered this time around.

I love your sampler and the colors are gorgeous!

roughterrain crane said...

I hope your quick recovery.

Donna G. said...

Am looking forward to seeing your progress on that lovely sampler. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Carol said...

Such a beautiful piece, Catherine! And I truly hope you come through your surgery well with no migraine. I've never had one, but they sound miserable. Take good care now!

Astrids dragon said...

What a precious piece! It looks lovely on 36, I like the smaller count.
I'm not sure when you're getting your procedure done, but I hope all goes well for you.

Sun City Stitcher said...