Monday, October 12, 2020

Having Trouble Posting

 Not sure if this will show up or not, I seem to be having problems with posting and photos, I am so mad at Google for changing something that is not broke, now I have to check off pictures before I can post a comment on most blogs, to make sure I am not a robot, this is nuts.


5 comments: said...

It showed up and it's odd how they do that sometimes. I use a browser that if I start watching a 4th diamond painting or cross stitch video it does that to make sure I'm not a robot. States the website aka youtube detected unusual traffic from my computer. Google has a way of throwing a wrench in things sometimes. I hope it fixes itself and we don't have to worry about our blog post, posting or not.

Marilyn said...

I don't like it when they change things that you are used to.
I stopped getting email notifications for Flosstube, Googled it, and found out they only do it mobile now.
well, why didn't they notify people of the change?

Faith... said...

I don't like change either but it gets easier as you go.

butterfly said...

I hate change to .

The Liberty Belle said...

How frustrating that must be. I hope everythng gets sorted out soom.