Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Have You Seen The Sweet Free Designs From Plum Street Samplers

It has been very busy here on the old homestead, lots of outdoor things to do at home and the care of the Church Cemetery here in Annandael,  Mn. Mike is in charge of the care and making sure all is well all year long, watering the plants that the families display for they family members they buried.
Taking care of the trimming of the trees and lots of weeding and spraying.
Anyhoo that is not why I am posting today, have you seen or ever visited the Plum Street Samplers designs, oh my so many beautiful designs, the free ones are lovely, please stop by and visit her blog, Paulette is a very talented designer.
I will be posting what I have been up to in the stitching world tomorrow.



butterfly said...

Thank you yes there are some wonderful designs .
Have a good week.

marly said...

Our older gents from church met every week and lunched at the cemetery as they cared for it all. No one has stepped up, and we hire people now, but they just run the mowers through. The church was closed and parishioners are now scattered.

Tiffstitch said...

Thank you for the reminder. I see them and then forget for a while. She is very talented.

The Liberty Belle said...

Thank you for sharing about Plum Street! I hope that your weekend is peaceful and blessed.