Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year

2019 oh my: When I was a teenager I never thought I would live to see this year let alone the year 2000, it just seemed so far away, I am going to be 68 this month and feel young, I have been blessed with great health with this short and very pudgy body.
I hope this year brings you all a beautiful family fun filled with loads of stitching  year.
I want to Thank-you all for your sweet comments I only had two that had to be deleted by me.
I am also writing today to say please please if you get an email with my email address on it and it is an ad for anything, please know I would not do this, you can tell if it is an authentic email by looking over the address it came from.

 I will be posting my new project this evening, it is another Blackbird  Design, I love this series, I do have a place in mind where I want to hang them when I get them all done.

I am so sorry I have not sent thank-yous to everyone for your comments, it is very busy here with the remodel of the kitchen cabinets and other things going on.
From my Heart thank-you for your comments.

Happy New Year


Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing your new start.

Happy New Year Catherine.

marly said...

Show us the cabinets!!!

Julie said...

Nice new design you will be starting.

butterfly said...

Happy New Year Catherine , enjoy in every way .

Marilyn said...

Great new project for 2019!
Wishing you the best in 2019.

gracie said...

I also as a child would not have thought about the year month I will be 72! I still remember the teacher saying that space was not where we would go! Anyway, looking forward to all you create this new year.

Faith... said...

The 2000s did seem a long way off when you are a child and I always wondered if I would be as "old as my grandparents" one day! Happy to say I made it!! :)

Looking forward to following your stitching journey this year!

Vickie said...

I love the new pattern you have begun.