Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Spring

Greetings everyone: spring has finally sprung, as I sit here with my office window open, I can hear the gentle rain falling a train horn and birds singing, something I have missed this past winter.
We have been busy working on the house, I did get my spring cleaning done along with a garage sale with my dear friend Cheryl, we had a blast, it was two days long with lots of people shopping.
I met a lady who was shopping she was from a town two small towns away, she told us about trying to raise money for a new library,  in the small town of Kimball,  Mn. they are having a breakfast to raise some money one of many things they will be doing, they are having a silent auction, I am making twelve different colored beaded ornaments for the auction.
This is what I have done so  far last evening and today.

I have been stitching a little and want to get more done, this is from my Class project from Jeannette Douglas last month, not much progress. This is the Needleroll.

I hope to finish this whole set before May is over, good luck to me.

I bought flowers and hope to get them in pots by tomorrow evening, its raining now, looks like a little break for tomorrow, maybe then.
I wish you all a great spring and hope you are getting things done inside and out with your stitching.



Vickie said...

How beautiful your beaded ornaments are that you are giving. What a lovely needleroll. It has really warmed up here!

Pamela said...

Your bead ornaments are gorgeous!

MartiDIY said...

You've been busy! Garage sales are so much work. I hope you did well with yours. You are so sweet to make ornaments for their silent auction. Did you sell any at your garage sale?

Faith... said...

Your needleroll is gorgeous! That is very kind of you to make something for the silent auction. I hope they make lots of money as libraries are so important!

Marilyn said...

How nice of you to donate your beautiful ornaments.
The JD piece is beautiful, can't wait to see it all finished.
It's finally Spring here too, we've had some nice temps the past week.
But, now the rain comes, it rains most of May here, sometimes torrential rains too.
Have a great week.

Rita JG said...

I love the needleroll.

Linda said...

Gorgeous beaded ornaments Catherine. Nice progress on your stitching.


butterfly said...

What a lovely header love your blossom trees.
Love the ornaments they are so pretty , lovely stitching you are working on , you always pick such lovely designs .
Enjoy your Spring day.

Heritage Hall said...

Bless your kindness to the library fund; love the ornaments.
That needleroll set will be a proud accomplishment.
The April showers have continued into May
and although the sun is shining now, thunderstorms later this afternoon
(when I must go out...isn't that usually the way?)

Faith... said...

Thank you for your kind email and offer Catherine. I keep trying to reply to your email but it keeps coming back to me and undeliverable. :(

Julie said...

Such delicate looking stitching, its very pretty, a nice collection it will make.
Beautiful beadwork, they are amazing.

Wendy said...

the beaded ornaments are lovely, what a nice thing to do!
Good luck on the stitching kit!

Preeti said...

Beautiful beaded ornament, Catherine! I am lucky to have one:) I am sure your ornaments will help raise money in the auction. Lovely stitching on your project as well.

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Deb said...

Lovely beaded ornaments, I am lucky to have one of your green ornaments, I imagine these will go very quickly at the auction. Lovely stitchery