Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Some Very Exciting News

The lovely Jo over at http://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.com has a Blogger Of The Week, you must stop by, click on the Blogger Of The Week Icon on the right side of her main page.
I have visited all the Bloggers Of The Week, I have to say this has put a big I want new stash in my pocket book,  I see so many designs I have never seen before and want to stitch, what a great way to view other Stitcher's work, I love learning what they are all about and see their work.
Jo has been gracious enough to ask me to be a Blogger Of The Week, I consider this an honor.
I have had my blog since March 28th 2009, I am almost ten years with Blogger, I feel very Blessed to have met so many beautiful and lovely people through my Blog, I have been able to meet with a few of them in person when they visit Minnesota.
One I have to tell you about her name is Mama Joan she can be found here http://stitchingsquad.blogspot.com please stop over and see what she is into, her work is immaculate and so perfect, she is a great finisher and framer.
I was at a Stitching Retreat and she was at another table, I still did not know who she was until the third day of the retreat, I was so excited to meet her, when I read her blog she made me smile she was watching her daughters cat and could not fine it, it was up on the fridge, I have been following her ever since.
I have to say that another stitcher that is way to busy is Chris, over at Tot Hill Farm Stitch's, sadly she is too busy to post on Blogger anymore, I miss seeing her lovely work.
I have been slowly working on my Little Snowy Church, not much work being done on it, I have been busy making neck warmers and beading ornaments for the Santa sale we will be having at Church the first Friday of December, I know I am way ahead of the game but want to make so many items I have given myself a budget of 50.00, I still have 25.00 to spend.

I love this little Church, I did change the color of the roof, I did not like the silver thread it called for, I plan on adding white beads on the roof like snow flakes are dropping.

So as I am typing this post I ask Mike for help on rotating a picture, I go out to the kitchen and see my dog chewing on the roll of Kreinik thread  that is the color of the roof so now I have to order a new roll and wait to finish this, it has given me a headache a few times but I will get through it.

We have had a bit of snow, I am so sick of winter, I leave you with this photo.

Thank-you all for stopping by and to all for leaving comments.



gracie said...

I love Jo's Blogger of the Week and I too was one of her bloggers. I enjoy meeting new bloggers and having them visit me too....win-win.

Vickie said...

I agree with you Catherine. I was also a Blogger of the Week, and it was such fun and an honor. Jo is fantastic!! I am watching for your post to pop up, I will visit you! :)

Pamela said...

Your church is coming along nicely!

Linda said...

Great progress on the church Catherine. I just cut a piece of aida that the kittens had chewed on and was able to save it.


Mama Joan said...


Thank you so much for mentioning me:) it is so nice to hear all your wonderful comments about my blog--even though I can be hit or miss on posting!! It was great to be able to meet you too. Hopefully we will see each other sometime soon.

Thanks again,
Joan (Mama Joan)

marly said...

Big difference between that last photo and the header from last spring!

Preeti said...

Your church stitching is looking lovely! I like your header photo, hope you get to the spring weather very soon.

Marilyn said...

How exciting for you to be featured.
Blue Church is looking great.
We have snow off and on here yet also. :(

Robin said...

Oh no! Not the Krenik! Your church is looking good. Thanks for the info about the Blooger of the Month. Going to check it out.

Penny said...

I'm going to have to take a look at your interview! Your church piece is so pretty, Catherine! But boo to the dog for chewing your Kreinik. : ) And I join in with you on being sick of winter -- it is a beautiful 70 degrees here today but who knows about tomorrow.

deb said...

Looking forward to reading all about you on Jo's Blogger of the Week!

Your snowy church piece is looking lovely (sorry you have to wait for more Kreinik, but good thing you caught the culprit so the sparkly stuff was only chewed and not swallowed!)

MartiDIY said...

I haven't seen the Blogger of the Week before. I glanced at some of the bloggers and their work is amazing. When are you going to be featured? You and the others make me want to dig out my cross-stitching.

Did you get a blizzard yesterday? I think I heard on tv that it is going to be bad in the north central states. Take care. It's cold here but you would laugh if I told you the temperature. It wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the wind which has slowed down to 22mph. Last night it was gusting up to 40.

Brigitte said...

Blogger of the Week is such a great feature and every Friday I'm waiting for the new crafter who will be featured by Jo. You are right, it's so exciting to see everyone's stitching projects and to see how different our tastes are. I'm looking forward to reading your interview.
Nice progress on your little church.

Carol said...

It's always fun to read Blogger of the Week posts because even if you are familiar with the honored blogger, you always learn something new about them and their stitching :) I will look forward to it!

So sorry about your snow. We aren't done with it here in western PA either, but at least it is just flurries and not sticking on the ground!

co coya said...

Looking forward to reading all about you on Jo's Blogger of the Week!