Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Post About Stitching

Hello My Dear Friends: Thank-you all for your kind words in my last post, I will be emailing out thank-you's tomorrow.

 ( Note I posted this on  earlier in the week but forgot to publish)

I can finally show you my progress on  Paper Snowflakes, I wanted to have it stitched and ready for framing by my birthday last month but as you all know I did not make it, times march's on.

                                                                           From This

To This

I have not picked up a needle and thread in over a week, I am not felling sorry for myself just lost without any stitching.
I have to show you what my Dear Friend Cheryl made for me, she is a fabulous quilter and made me  this lovely table topper, I am in love with it, sometimes I take the dog for a walk at 11:30 at night, of course this is if I cannot sleep, and she is quilting away I see her sitting at her machine and am totally amazed, Thank-you  Cheryl.
So sorry my photos are not so good I took them when I did not feel well.
When I go shopping I have to put the empty bags on the floor so Blondie can play she plays for a very long time with them.


Linda said...

Nice progress and lovely table topper.


Vickie said...

Oh that is wonderful stitching my friend! And what a beautiful gift for you! :D

Pamela said...

Love your stitched piece! And what a beautiful table topper. Thanks for sharing.

Preeti said...

Your stitching is looking nice. You got lovely gift from your friend. Hope you will get more stitching time.

gracie said...

Great stitching. I do hope you are feeling much better.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely gift from your friend. Hand made gifts are always precious.
Glad to see that you managed to do some stitching of your own too.

Penny said...

You've made some lovely progress on Paper Snowflakes! And what a pretty table topper! I think my cats share Blondie's love of playing with the shopping bags. : ) Hope you are feeling better.

Carol said...

Isn't she looking lovely! Nice progress, Catherine! And how nice to have such a talented friend--the table topper is lovely :)

Brigitte said...

The table topper you received from your friend is just gorgeous.
Great progress on Paper Snowflakes indeed.

MartiDIY said...

I love your stitching! and your table topper is so pretty too. I just read your earlier posts and sounds like you have been stressed to the max. I hope you are better and the rest of your family is back to normal again. I decided a long time ago that having a family member in the hospital is a lot harder than being in the hospital yourself. Take care.