Thursday, June 30, 2016

Many Things Happening Here

First of all thank-you to all who have written and asked if everything  is okay.
No many things have happened, first my Mother is doing better, thank-you all for your prayers and concerns, it touch's my heart.
Michael and I went to Mexico for almost two weeks, it was wonderful, we had a couple of things happen, one was that we had some extremely rude and very loud people on our floor in the five suites on each side of our suite, we had to call the front desk, they were finally told to leave on the third night.
The next happening was Mike became a little ill, now before you think food or water no it is his health, last week Mike went in for a consultation with a Cardiologist, he was then told he would have a stress test by treadmill, this should some problems, so yesterday he went in for an angiogram to have stents put in three arteries, they did not do the stents, the blockage is too close to the heart chambers, he needs to have a triple bypass,, we of course are very afraid, this surgery will be done on Tuesday next week, so please I beg of you to pray for his recovery, I need this Man in my life he is my everything.

I was crying my eyes out today and the doorbell rang it was the mailman, he delivered a package, I did not feel like opening it up but when I read the address label I had to open it.
Kim from sent me a beautiful Porcelain Box she hand painted herself, it is stunning, she also sent along a wonderful  Victorian Thumb Pincushion and a lovely Shepherds Bush Kit  Hearts For you, I was thrilled.
Thank-you Kim for your beautiful heart and kindness.

Next is a bracelet I made on Saturday last week, I love beading almost as much as counted thread.
I can make three more bracelets from the beads leftover, all I need to buy is the clasp, so I am going to make a bracelet for my lovely Mother and my Sister-in-law.

it really is much prettier then the picture, the gold beads look like real gold.

I have done some stitching on my Kindred Spirits from Ellen Chester With My Needle  Designs.

I did get the long band for the tray stitched, I finished stitching this on the ISHW that  host's I started the smaller band, which I hope to stitch on this evening.

Next I bought a Sewing Necessaire from Nancy Turner at

I love this Nancy even sent some free charms, I need to pick out a design to add them to.
Time to eat dinner so I shall say goodby  until Sunday.
I will post a couple of photos our vacation but only special ones that mean so much.
I had to update this post I forgot to put a picture of Krissy on here so sorry.

Here she is relaxing on Daddy's chair, she knows not to  get on the furniture but just for the picture I let her.

This is daddy combing her hair she loves to get combed, she has to be the gentlest dog I have ever met.
Krissy has her own Facebook page Krusty A Musty is the Facebook page name we did not name her this, she was named by a rescue Society in Texas, she ended up in Minnesota due to the lack of bigger dogs in Minnesota.



Vickie said...

I am so sorry to learn of Mike's health. I am praying Catherine. Daily I will pray.
Happy to see Krissy. And happy to see she is bringing you both joy. :)

gracie said...

So sorry that Mike is having issues...I will keep both of you in my thoughts. Please be sure to update us. Oh that Kim, she is wonderful and I also just received one of her RAKs...hang in there.

Carol said...

Oh, you must be so worried about your husband, Catherine... I hope and pray all goes well with the surgery. Kim's gift arrived at the perfect time to offer some comfort, didn't it. Sending you a hug--take care now...

Heritage Hall said...

Catherine dear ~

Prayers for Mike and you that the procedure will go
well, that Mike will be healed and fully restored and
that you will know peace and strength throughout. Chin up~

Bea said...

Best wishes to your husband and prayers that all goes smoothly. What perfect timing for Kim's beautiful parcel. Hugs!

Linda said...

Krissy is adorable Catherine. Lovely stitching and bracelet.


Marilyn said...

What great goodies you received, and great projects.
Krissy is so pretty, and looks so gentle.
You and your husband are in my thoughts for next Tuesday.
Take care.

Lisa V said...

Keeping you and hubby in my thoughts dear Catherine. Lovely gift to receive when you were feeling down. Hugs to you.

KimM said...

Thinking of you and Mike - sending love and prayers.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
You are both in my prayers. My Mother had a 4 by-pass and she tuned out just fine. Keep your hopes up.
Love everything!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear that your husband is so ill. I hope the operation is a success and he makes a speedy recovery.
It sounds like Kim's gift arrived at the perfect time. Her artwork is so beautiful, you are very lucky to own a piece of your own!

Unknown said...

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