Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some Stitching Some Beadin and a little travel

Thank-you to all my wonderful followers that left such lovely comments on my last post, I am truly touched.

I have been traveling with my Husband on his business trips and I love it, I sleep in and he goes to his appointments, you see he does the background checks on all the applicants for the Wright County Sheriffs Dept.
He is retiring and soon the travel will stop, I may not go with him on his next trip, I am so far behind on  stitching and beading.

I have two projects I cannot show you yet, one is for a SAL and the other is for a gift for the lovely Lady that takes care of our home when we are gone, the alarm does not go off anymore she is used to being here.

I finished a Scattered Seed Sampler  Designer Tammy Black
                                                                           May I Present
                                                                   Country Woolgatherer

I love this pillow, it is so sweet, Thank-you Tammy for designing this pattern.

Next is a couple of bracelets I made for my Sister-in-Law Debbie, my Brothers  Wife, she liked mine so well I needed to make her a couple, her favorite color is green,these are so easy and no needle just weaving.

This one is for my Sister-in-law Julie, my late Brothers wife, she helps to take care of my Mother, she is such a big help I really do thank her for her help.
Julie is a pink girl her favorite color.

Nest are a couple of ornament I made for my Mother and Julie, the first one I made took four hours, these two are my sixth and seventh ones.
Of course light pink for My Mother and pink for Julie.

This little beauty I made on Saturday at Becka Beads, I was not sure about the color but I love it,  this  looks so vintage, I plan  on making a pink one and maybe a light blue and dark blue one, we had to buy the pattern online, it is called Diva's delight designed by Carol Cavanough, For Beads On Parade, the picture on the web site was not to my liking, a whole lot different looking due to color choice's.
This can be a pendant or pin,

I am a beader but my true love is stitching.
I am totally hooked on stitching, I will continue to stitch till my fingers fall off or my eyes give out which I hope does not happen.
It is late and I need to get some sleep, it is Wednesday tomorrow time to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, Thursday is dust vacuum and wash floors, this way if I split it up I can get some stitching in everyday.
Stay safe and stitch loads
I will be commenting on your blogs tomorrow.


cucki said...

Aww love your finish pillow ..she is so much like me :)
Beautiful beading
Big hugs x

Bea said...

Busy, busy fingers with such beautiful results. Lucky ladies in your life to be so spoiled.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching , and your beading is amazing hugs .

PNLima said...

You do have some lovely pieces in this post, but the bird on top is hilarious :-)
Regards from a fellow portuguese stitcher
Paula Lima

Marilyn said...

Your beading is so pretty.

Vickie said...

Country Woolgatherer is sweet. That last beaded pendant is really stupendous!

Preeti said...

Congrats on the lovely finish!! But my favourite attraction is your beadwork:) all the pieces are so beautiful!! I keep on seeing bead items on Pinterest but never tried any of those.

Linda said...

Congrats on the pretty finish Catherine. Your bead work is beautiful.


Tiffstitch said...

Lovely finish on your cross stitch and those beading project are fantastic! Wow!!

Mister Vertigo said...

Dear Catherine, thanks for your visit to my blog. It is a pleasure to have a visit from another part of the world. I'm a Faulkner fan myself. My favourite books are " Wild Palms" and "The Old Man".
I hope you come back again
Best regards
Mister Vertigo

P.S. I like the bird with the cap you have on top!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

So Beautiful wow

Carol said...

I feel the same way about stitching, Catherine--as long as my eyes hold out, I'll be stitching away :) Love your beading projects and the sweet little pillow... I'm sure you're looking forward to your husband's retirement!

Frances said...

Your finish is so nice-looks like you got this stitched and finished pretty quickly! And your jewelry is so lovely! You really get a lot done!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The pillow is very sweet and beautifully finished.
I do love the vintage style brooch, it's just gorgeous.

Kimmie said...

I love all the beading!!!

And your stitches, of course. :)

Penny said...

What a beautiful stitching and finishing job you did on Country Woolgatherer! A lovely design! And you are very talented jewelry maker too! Happy stitching, Catherine. :)

Hopblogger said...

All of it is lovely!
mini hugs,

Unknown said...

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