Friday, March 20, 2015

A warning a few stitching items and some exciting news

Blessings to all my followers:  we had a strange phone call this afternoon, someone called saying they were from Microsoft and that they needed to help us with our computer, however  they were hackers I found out after a lengthy conversation with Michael (my main man) that they have found that 14 people were trying to hack into our computer, we were very careful not to give in they even argued with Michael that they needed to help us,  PLEASE  DO NOT give in to these phone calls they are hackers themselves, I have a friend who did give in and lost everything and  even her credit rating, do PLEASE hang up on them, you will never get a phone call from MSN asking to take over your computer.
I have been without internet service for a few days off and on, the company we have is the only one out here in the sticks to use, they are upgrading to a faster service and messed up the junction box, the big terds, so sorry for the bad language, first a bad computer tower and now this I give  up.

Now for some stitching news, I have been stitching off and on I have been so busy with work last week and part of the week before I was working at home for customer service, I am an all trades girl for the Emergency Service I work for, I am so excited that I am retiring on October 28, 2015, yippee I see loads of stitching and sewing in my future.

I did finish off a couple of ornaments that were waiting in my big drawer of unfinished projects, they are stitched just not completely finished.

The Santa is the  Von Claus #P923 I added a star and hanging thread to finish him.
The Partridge I am not sure of it has been so long since I stitched him, I am so sorry.

This is a Shepherds Bush 2013  scissor fob the pattern was gifted to me by a friend, with the leftover threads, I had to buy the ribbon to finish the edges, oh my the ribbon is not cheap.
The picture shows two fobs but I did them back to back, I like the finish, now I need a new pair of scissors to put it on.

I am not sure of the designer of the kitty pattern on my scissor fob, I did not do a great job of finishing this one, I added black beads on the edges, I used I think 36 count linen,
 The other pattern is a Drawn Thread  A Spot of Spring, I wanted a small scissor fob with this pattern and used 36 count  linen, I like the smallness of this pattern however the French knots were a mess to get on the sheep.

This is what I am working on now, this was a kit I have had it seems like forever, I love the Hearts Content kits, however my eyes tell me to take a rest from the small stitching holes, so it is taking me longer then I want to finish the stitching, I have a vintage scissor collection and want to give each one a special fob, this will be a while before I am done with all the fobs, I hope to show you all a picture someday.
This is stitched on 36 count ivory 100% linen which came with the kit, I am stitching this one over one threads, that is what is taking so long, I am finishing mine a little different then the picture I do not want any unfinished fabric showing like the picture shows.

I am joining the Scattered Seeds and Samplers Little Sparrow Pin Keep club, it is well worth  the money Tammy is a wonderful designer and a very sweet Lady, take a look at her blog at
Scattered Seeds and Samplers, just click on the Scattered Seeds and Samplers button on the sidebar of my blog page.

This is the ISHW stitching weekend so off to a margarita and some stitching.

Blessings In this Lenten Season.



Vickie said...

Rotten thieves! So much evil in this world.
I love all your finishes. How wonderful to get so much accomplished.

Jacquie Morris said...

Gosh! What people will do these days, it never ceases to amaze me. Good job you were on the ball!!
Ooooooh your stitching is lovely... Such wonderful designs too.. You got a lot done really...Go You!!
Smiles :)

Linda said...

All lovely finishes Catherine.
I am going so tired of all of these scam calls. I was getting them saying they were collecting back taxes for the IRS. I called the IRS and they know all about these scammers.


Frances N said...

I cringe when the phone rings...we are on the do not call list, but that hasn't done much good.
I love all your finishes!!! You have been busy! So pretty!
I'm sure you will enjoy retirement--I hear that people are busier then, than when they were working!!!! However, I'm sure the busy-ness of retirement is things you WANT to do, not HAVE to do!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I cannot believe people still fall for these scams despite all the publicity about them. If I'm not busy I will try keep them talking for as long as possible until they hang up on me! It can be quite fun being deliberately "stupid". There is also a very funny clip on YouTube where a computer scammer like your's got through to an actual IT department who of course had a wonderful time with them.

On a happier note, your scissor fobs are delightful, really pretty and a nice way to see your stitching all the time.

Lisa V said...

Great job on all your finishes Catherine.
I'm sure you are definately looking forward to your retirement, lucky girl! I turn the big 40 this year, so I still have a good 20 odd years to go before I get to retire, oh dear I have just made myself miserable. boohoo.

Preeti said...

Your finishes look lovely !!
I never give any details on call. When I wanted to improve the performance of my Dell laptop, instead of calling Dell guys, we decided to call local technician and it wasn't first time we called someone. We had servicing done for our HP PC from a local technician and it worked fine. But for my laptop, while formatting a drive, all my data from other drive (including two years of blogging pics) got deleted :(
They could not be recovered .

summer said...

These Scammers are everywhere now,my phone has call blocker on it, they have to announce who they are before I even pick it up lol I've not had one scam call since getting it ;)
love your finishes.

cucki said...

Love your sweet stitches my dear
Take care xx

marly said...

Oh my. 36 over one!!! I came home after a week in the Clinic to find out that someone used my credit card to charge $4000 to Facebook. Coincidence that I signed in and started viewing Facebook pages on public (unsecured) WiFi during that week. Scary!! But so is 36 over one!