Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is an update to my thank-you 1/21/2015

Thank-you all for your help, I do have Google Chrome, tried Firefox also gave me problems, its time for the computer doc. to stop by.
I am updating my post this is the only post I have been able to update, so I went with it.
First is the December/January exchange from Lynda Ruth, who lives in our neighbors to the north, Canada.
First ( only because I do not want to push it with this picture problem) is some positively beautiful fabric, it is 21x10 in size I have a plan for this fabric, stop by sometime soon to see.

Lynda Ruth also sent along an adorable bag with a blackbird on it, I love blackbirds with candy inside yummy, I was also gifted with this adorable little TY Beanie it is from the Beanie Boo's Collection. So sorry the picture is not so good.

This is the exchange piece she sent me. this is a Little House Needleworks pattern, she is just so  sweet.

I was also gifted with a notebook which will be put to good use along with an adorable C of course for Catherine, this will be hung on my office door. Do you see the sweet little card, it is just so sweet.
Thank-you Lynda Ruth for the beautiful gifts,  I am very touched by your kindness.

I was lucky to have purchased this Tilda book on Amazon, I do surveys for three companies and get Amazon Gift cards, what a better way to use that card, shopping on Amazon.

I did buy this book along with the other book, I just love the Tilda books, I am sure I will be busy this spring.

I won a drawing from Lynn over at http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com stop over to her blog, Lynn has some sweet freebies to share. She just posted a freebie cat who has knitting needles and yarn it is adorable.
I plan on printing this onto fabric and using the labels for my stitching and gift giving.

I will post again tomorrow, I want to show you what I received from Sue H.
I hope to post pictures of some other fun things, but only if blogger cooperates with me, I feel lucky tonight.
I have not even been able to comment on your blogs, so sorry.
I wish you all a safe and warm winter.



Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Computer issues! Ugh

Frances said...

Blogger is difficult at times....
What lovely gifts!!! Lucky you!

cucki said...

sweet gifts..
big hugs x

Lisa Dunn said...

I hope you get your blogger issue fixed. :o(

I love that fabric! What great goodies you got. :o)

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Hi Catherine, glad you liked what I sent to you. I always like to find things that will mean something to the person I am giving to. Glad you liked the C. I will blog what you gave me when it gets here. hugs Lynda Ruth have a great weekend