Friday, October 31, 2014

My Drive by Post

It is a sad day in America when a person can just drive up to a vehicle and shoot someone, I am referring to the beautiful little Lady in Oakland California,  her name is Perla Avina such a lovely name, how sad is it that she lost her life let alone leaving behind a Husband and four beautiful Children.
Remember people kill people not guns kill people, the gun is just the vehicle that someone uses.
I pray for her Family and pray for the stupid idiot that shot her.
Just letting off steam.




capecodgirl565 said...

You are absolutely right. Evil is ever present in our society and we never know when it will strike. All I can say is that we need to be right with God because we never know what lies ahead.

diamondc said...

I totally agree, being right with God is most inportant.
I am a Christian and hope more people are.
Thank-you for your comment.


Kimmie said...

There's so much I don't understand lately.

Hopblogger said...

Very well put my lady!!
Mini smiles, Conny