Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Round Robin and Vacation

While I was on Vacation a lovely exchange arrived from Cucki at, please stop over to her blog it is a lovely place to visit.
I think the name of this is Out Flying, I love this beauty, it is a  7X7 square, I am not sure what I will do with it  just yet I do have an idea so we will have to wait and see.
Thank-you Cucki.

Last sunday my wonderful Husband surprised me with a vacation to Cancun Mexico,  I had no idea he was going to do this he is so romantic, he cooked this up and even called my boss to ask for the week off for me, wow Mike you are the best.

This is the front of the Resort taken from about a half a block away.

The entryway is stunning offering two flat fountains which were something to see.

Live Aqua is the name of the Resort it is amazing you are pampered from the time you get there until you leave wow, on entering you are given a cool cloth to wipe you brow and a tea that was something I had never tasted before it was amazing.

You can see a few of the eight pools, they even had a hottub which we did not use, we have a hottub at home, the pools are so nice they had a long pool for the long distance swimmers which Mike used
 the most or you could go down to the sea and swim however the winds were high so I stayed by the pools.

We had many visitors that were just beautiful, the green iguana was so sweet he let me get only a foot away from him to get this picture, the bird stayed by us for a long time she even put her foot in the pool to tsest the water.

Across ther street from the resort was La Isla shopping center, it was big with loads of shopping and restaurants, we did not do any shopping just walked around and bought Starbucks coffee, we had our pictures taken with these to statues, I know Spiderman but not sure of the man on the bench.

Here are a few pictures of the restaurents ther are six places to eat on the grounds featuring specialtys of all kinds all food is made from  scratch including the sauces and dressings, yummy.
Of course Mike had to take a picture of my burned face ouch.

It was our 37th anniversary on the 11th of june, so Mike had something special done for me, while at dinner, a person went to our room and put rose petals everywhere it was so beautiful, I was shocked he is so romantic, the tub was big enough for four people,  the candles were lit and on the floor when you stepped into the room from the halway, it was so charming.

We had an awful experience at the airport, I was qued what ever that means and had a full search, I am not against it for the fact that with what is going on in this world we need positive security,
we stopped at my office to pick up my company car and got home about 12:00 midnight, it was a long day and a beautiful vacation.

Next week is ISHW week-end, I need to catch up on my stitching.





Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, returning the following!

What a lovely holiday you've just had, your hubby is a real sweetie to surprise you like that.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Lucky, lucky lady so happy for you and your husband. You got a keeper there. Glad you had a great time. hugs from Lynda Ruth at Purple Pixie Dust

Kaisievic said...

Catherine, Mike is sooooo romantic. Your holiday looks like it was really great. Happy Anniversary. Sorry to hear about the strip search (I presume that is what you meant) at the airport.

Lisa V said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time Catherine, lucky you!

cucki said...

Hello dear :)
Sweet and so much love..
Glad you liked my stitches..
Hugs x

cucki said...

Hello dear :)
Sweet and so much love..
Glad you liked my stitches..
Hugs x

Hopblogger said...

The cross stitch is lovely! Beautiful birds, glad both of you had a nice romantic evening, Congrats on your anniversary! Traveling can be a hassle at the airports - but am so glad that you both arrived home safely!
Mini smiles,

Hopblogger said...
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Hopblogger said...
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Von said...

You're blessed to have such a thoughtful husband! Congratulations on 37 years together. :)

Frances N said...

Looks like a beautiful trip!!!

Penny said...

Wow! That was some wonderful surprise! Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Sweet package from Cucki. :)

Kimmie said...

What an excellent surprise!!!! Beautiful pics! Love the critters!!!

Chris said...

What a great time and a special memory!
The resort looks gorgeous!
Mike is a keeper!

Lynn said...

Oh my, how romantic is your husband, you are a lucky lady! Looks like you had a fab time there.