Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chessie & Me Retreat Hosted by Stitchville USA

What a great time I had seeing old friends and meeting new, this is a shout out to two of my friends Vicki from Ark. she was so cute and adorable, Kirsten from Tex was a real joy a very sweet lady, it was a pleasure to meet you both,  table I sat at  were Linda a good friend, Larue who I met last year Sue I also was introduced to last year and Karen, we had such a great time at our table, lots of giggles, and serious talk, the serious talk only lasted for a few minutes due to Linda who had us in stitches with her dog pictures.
I went on a week long retreat myself for lots of stitching, pool and hottub time, along with a few walks added in.
I stayed at the Carlson Country Inn in Chanhassen Mn. the only contact I had with people was at the gym and pool also at breakfast, I had a fridge in my suite with a microwave so I made lots of salads and sandwiches I had  my trusty latte machine, I was totally in heaven just stitching my heart out.

First I want to show you the goodies Stitchville had at the tables.
We also had carmels and a beautiful little bird in our rooms waiting for us.
I love the bag it is large and had some goodies inside.
The wooden box is beautiful, which is dove tailed that is an old fashioned way of putting a box together,  no nails, the pin cushion is adorable, we all had different ones due to the fact they are hand turned, The fob on the scissors is also handmad, I am totally in love with the luggage tag it is my favorite color.

This is the prestitch items we did before the retreat, I worked on mine when I was relaxing at the Inn.
This is a little box we painted and distressed, I need to put ricrack around the stitched picture the cutter did not do a good job cutting the wool around the stitched picture, ( do love ricrack)
Linda from Chessie&Me also gave us the needle emery's, they are so soft and sweet Thank-you Linda.
The project for sat. was a very sweet project, I am about half way through with it I had to go back to work this week, darn so not much stitching.
The picture that comes with the pattern thread and fabric looks a lot different from the real thing, I am not much for stitching  on white so I was a little worried when I opened the pattern pack, whew I was so happy to see the beautiful fabric that came with the project, I love this and am so happy to be almost done with it, it will go in my cat and bird bathroom.
I love how Linda hid the little sheep behind the tree oh so cute.

I did manage to buy some stash remember a couple of months  back I said I was not buying any stash
until Stitchvilles Retreat? well I was such a good girl I only bought two skeins of Weeks that I needed for a project,  I waited for the retreat because Deb gives a good discount on the night of the retreat.
I love Blackbird Designs, and I just had to have By The Bays newest pattern it is lovely, and of course after seeingh Chessie&Me Halloween House I just had to have it, the Cricket Pattern is really cute I will put that on the Baby Lotion pink fabric.

Well Mike is in Fargo for work and will not be home until monday night, sooo lots of uninterupted stitching, I will post more later this week with the other project I worked on at my little week long getaway, and somemore new stash.

Next years Designer for Stitchvilles Retreat is The Drawn Thread Yippee.

Happy Spring (no snow please)



Catherine said...

Great goodies! Looks like a fun time!

Lisa said...

I just love Stitchville USA...always a place on my "to visit" list when I go visit my family in Minnesota! Looks like lots of goodies and great stitching projects! What fun!

Anonymous said...


Stitchvilee looks great! Great stash too.
Hope you have a good week.

Cathy B said...

It was so nice to see you again Catherine!

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
Congrats on the 100+ followers!! So glad you had a nice time at Stitchville. Everything is lovely.
Many hugs and kisses, Conny

Solstitches said...

It would be a dream to attend a stitching retreat.
It looks as though you had a wonderful time.
Lovely new stash.