Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Exchange and other things

Last Friday I took a class at the Shops At Rush Creek,  this is a jewelry tree, this is a shop that has  guest teachers for almost all classes, they have everything from stain glass classes to working with cement and making water fountains, it is an amazing place.
The teacher was Colleen and she was just so adorable.
Very patient with me because I had so many problems with the soldering.
She had a few plates and silver ware to choose from, o.k. mine is a little primitive and does lean a little but its mine and I love it a very easy thing to do.
Look on Pinterest they have all kinds of fun things like this to see and get ideas from.

My most exciting post is this beautiful Pin Pillow from Lisa V from the Blackbird Designs Exchange, I am thrilled with this lovely Pillow, Lisa sent a note saying she had to finish it all by hand because her sewing machine broke down, well I have to tell you she is an expert sewer, the finishing is positively beautiful.
Lisa's stitching is excellant, the lace is so sweet, I am going to display this in my living room with a few other Blackbird Designs Exchange from the past, thank-you Lisa I Love It.

Not such a great picture of a bracelet I made at Beckas Beads in a small town east of my hometown, this was done in the peyote stitch,  we added what ever we wanted to on one end of the finished peyote square ( well almost a square)and then glued onto the metal frame.
This was such a fun class I plan on buying more bracelets and making gifts for family members.

This is another one of those projects that was started by someone else at retreat, I bought it at the stash auction last feb. ( I think I have OCD Obessesive Disorder) HELP, I did coffee dye it today after work so sorry I did not iron it I will; show a picture after it is framed.
I donot normally work on this kind of project its just that it needed finishing, some of my retreat friends follow my blog they will laugh I am sure.

We had a great time at retreat Cindy and Marsha our moderators do a great job every oct. and feb, good food great givaways and lots of fun times.
I want you all to know I am going nuts with all this snow we are getting so someday visit me at the loony bin, please bring chocolate lots of chocolate.

I gave up three things this year for Lent, chocolate, pepsi and lemon cake from Starbucks Coffee Shops, Mike says I am hard to live with not really if he would just stop teasing me with chocolate, what a terd he is.
Easter Sunday we take both of our families out for Brunch, and then I can come home and have chocolate and pepsi, I am sure Starbucks will be closed.
Well the alarm is going to be going off about 03:45 a.m. so I must get to bed, now I will have lots of nightmares about that darn chocolate. HELP

Happy St. Patricks Day to All.




Catherine said...

Love your jewelry tree!!

Lisa V said...

Soo pleased you liked your pillow dear friend.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
You did a wonderful job on the jewelry tree! So pretty and shiny!
The pillow is very nice also. Lisa did a great job with her stitching. Many hugs and kisses,

Chris said...

OMG! You are a strong woman. Those are hard things to give up. I love the tree and your bracelet is amazing.
I will get something in the mail to you soon!!