Friday, February 1, 2013

My Valentine Project

I have been trying to stay warm, the temp this morning when I woke up was -14 degrees, I had a dental appoinyment for cleaning, I just did not want to go outside but being a hardy Minnesotan I did ans wow oh so cold with a windchill.
I have been frogging this piece I was ready to do the back stitching and took a really long look at this piece trying to figure out why it looked so different, this is a Mystery Stitch by Mike Vickery from The Cross Stitcher magazine  I am not used to Valentine colors like this, I think I will tea dye it after all the stitching is done, I love the pattern just not the colors, I was off by three cross stitches so had to rip the lefr side of the framing the wide and thin framing had to go, oh well that is what I get for not watching waht I was doing.
This is one of my Up For A Challenge projects, I will be glad when it is finished.
I see lots of  beautiful Valentine stitching ourt there, I plan on starting on Blackbird Designs Valentine Message on sunday.
I hope everyone has a warm day werever it is cold and a cool day (not so hot ) in warmer places



Christina said...

Sorry to hear the 'frogs' have been visiting Catherine! ;0)
You were very brave to go out when it was that cold, especially to the dentist! Lol.

Lisa V said...

Nasty frogs!!
Oh how I wish for Winter, its still all yucky and hot here.

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine,
Its a shame we are not bears in the winter. The weather is funny. Some pesty flies are still around here.
Much love, Conny

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Colors are wonderful