Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just a little stitching

Happy Newyear to all: I hope you are all ready for more stitching in 2013.
I am again joining the Up For A Challenge 15 again this year, lets hope I get all my ufo's finished this year.
I have been doing some stitching and other things, even with my work load, now I am not complaining about work I am so glad to have my job, I have been there 18 years staring my 19th on january 24.
The first picture is of the ornaments I found in a box from many years ago (not something I would normally do) now they are hanging on one of my small trees. I really like the owl they are all cuter in person rather then in pictures.
Next is a felt Christmas Banner that was in a box of patterns and fabric from a Friend (who is in Arizona where it is warm) she had started it way back in 1980, it was half way done I am one who likes to finish other peoples projects rather then toss them.
This is a Bucilla Felt kit, I did not really want to do it, so I forged ahead and really like the results, I plan on turning it into a banner with beads on the bottom, hopefully it will be ready to hang next Christmas.

This is a Biscornou I started and finished this week-end, I love it I changed out the colors a little I used all left over silk threads from past Shepherds Bush projects, this is a free pattern from www.remakeremixreuse.blogspot.com Conny has two blogs one is a stitching blog the other is her miniature blog site.
I used a flower button from my stash for the middle.
This is a Blackbird Designs pattern which I love,  I have ordered a few boxes from Hobby Lobby (one of my fav store for crafts) I am not sure how I will finish it,  as soon as the boxes arrive I will decide, I stitched this on an unknown fabric I do know it is 28 count, a beautiful light green with a dye.
 I am going to start my Valentine stitching tonight, I have a few ufos in that pile for Valentines day now is the time to start stitching for my Honey and Mom.
Blessings to you all in 2013, be safe and happy.



Catherine said...

Love that owl ~ very cute! Great stitches too ~ love the BBD!

Chris said...

Wow Catherine! You have gotten a lot finished. I love those ornaments and the felt piece is a wonderful finish too.
The bicournu and BBD piece look wonderful too.
Awesome post!

Christina said...

Happy New Year Catherine! I love the sequin santa ornie - so cute!

Hopblogger said...

Hello Catherine!
Happy New Year! Everything is just lovely! The owl hangs nicely on your tree. You did an amazing job on the felt piece. It is so detailed! Love that. Am glad that you love the biscornu! I always love it when someone adds their own personality to these. Your BBD is looking wonderful. I agree with you - it is always fun finishing someone else's projects. They are quick to finish!
Many hugs and kisses,

Patty C. said...

I have stitched that BBD pattern- looking forward to seeing your finish- mine is still waiting for the final touches

Ziggyeor said...

The owl is awesome. Good luck on finishing that felt project. I finished some cross-stitch a friend of mine had started in exchange for her stash once :) She had gotten to where see couldn't see it anymore and it hurt her hands.
Lovely biscornu.