Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some New Stash

I know I donot need anymore stash but I just could not resist, the For My Friend and the Just Cross Stitch books came from my very favorite stitch shop Stitchville USA, the Ladies that work there are so sweet and helpful, its hard not to buy something from them.
The other charts came from a shop in Florida, I just had to have them.
I am working on a piece for the up for a challenge,  I am way behind on that job, I hope to have the Santa project finished by the end of the month I am tired of looking at it.
If you get a chance hop on over to  Blacksheeps bit of the web, Edgar has another great looking cake on there it looks so yummy just click on Blacksheeps bit of the Web on my sidebar.
It has been very warm here but I like it like that I can handle super hot weather, maybe the devil is preparing me for my future (just kidding)
I have taken some pictures of my garden, we have been eating the corn it is super sweet, the green peppers are doing better this year then last year, my carrots are maybe ready I cannot tell beacuse the gopher had eatened the tops off, he is now HISTORY yaaaaa.
I have been collecting dill seed I like it on my salads.
Hvae you seen the poor little dog that was attacked by a porcupine poor little thing, I hope he will be o.k.
Well my needle and thread are calling.



Chris said...

Lovely new stash Catherine!
It sounds like your garden is doing great. Isn't it amazing how different things from your garden taste versus the store bought variety?
Have a great week!!

Christina said...

One can never have enough stash Catherine! :0)

Solstitches said...

You have some lovely new stash there.
Great that your garden veggies are doing so well.

Edgar said...

What super stash and thanks for the shout out!!!!

Penny said...

It's hard to resist new stash! You picked out some nice designs! And it sounds like you are getting some yummy things from your garden too! :)

Kathy Ellen said...

It is always a stitcher's delight to find some more wonderful additions to one's stash! You have some great new designs to enjoy. Blessings!

Hopblogger said...

Splendid new designs! You will have fun stitching on those. It is always nice to eat fresh from a country garden.
Many hugs and kisses,