Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am a very lucky lady I recieved these beautiful quilt tops from Conny over at Remake Remix Reuse (Hopblogger) I was so thrilled I had tears running down my cheeks for about an hour, how wonderful is Conny to share her beautiful work with me, I am going to have them quilted this summer, I have already chosen the backing fabric for all three.
I am not sure of the names of the patterns, I am so thrilled, I am saving my pennies to have them quilted proffessionally by the quilt shop in Kimball, Mn. they are about 13 miles from my home, the shop is in a very small town, they have have a very large quilting machine. Thank-you Conny for the beautiful tops.
I want to tell you Conny is very creative she has been published in a Minature Magazine for her Doll House, she makes lots of the clothes and other items in her doll house, she has also written a book called Mystic Imaginations, my favorite story is the Pink Daisy in love with the Rose, it is such a sweet story, with a beautiful ending.
I know I have written that there are two other stories I like but everytime I read this lovely book I fall in love with another story.
This is a project I started way back in April of 2011, this is a Jeannette Douglas pattern from a stitching retreat that Stitchville USA put on last year, Three Pines Sampler is the name of this lovely piece I had put it aside to work on at a later date and completly forgot about it I did manage to get the framing done, this is a project I just need to get done I love it so much and it will go very well in the man cave for my husband.
This is a project I bought last feb. at retreat stash reduction auction, I have done a lot of stitching on this piece, it will be finished as a wall hanging with large tassels on the bottom.
I stitched this up and turned it into a biscornu for my friend Cindy she loves hotair balloons and has ridden in one, I also did a scissor fob for her, this is from the 101 Cross-Stitch Patterns For Every Season this book has lots and lots of fun patterns to choose from. I will post a picture of the finished project this week.

This pattern is from With My Needle Brenda Gervais this is the Easter Frills  Easter Egg Pin Keep, it is stitched on a 36 count  fabric it is a sparkly  fabric that is from my stash, I did change the threads called for a little,   I used  Weeks Dye Works Guacamole, Sampler Threads Peach Fuzz, Sampler Threads Sasaparilla, Weeks Dye Works Straw and Sampler Threads Summer Meadow, I stitched this on vacation in Mexico, I just need to assemble the pieces together.
This is The Shepherds Bush Stitchers Roll, I also worked on this in Mexico, it is stitched on 32 count I am not sure of the fabric just the count, I have a very large collection of needle rolls.

This is Romeo and The Chicks this is a Leisure Arts pattern, I bought this at retreat stash reduction auction I love the colors, it has a lot of changing of colors so the back is not the best, I am going to make this into a pillow for a chair in the kitchen with a double ruffle, I hope to have this finished within two weeks, it is stitched on 14 count aida it has been years since I stitched on aida, the colors are so bright and vibrant.
 I did do lots of other stitching and will post later this week when my life slows down a little with an ill Mother and my Husband was ill this week it has been trying, if Mike misses Church you know he is sick, now things are slowing down so more stitching on the horizen.

Happy Easter


natalysneedle said...

Love that JD design. I bought it from Nashville market but haven't started it yet. I am trying really hard to stay focused on finishing some WIPs first. Can't wait to see your progress.

Lisa V said...

Such wonderful progress on your WIP's. Love the With Thy Needle & Thread design, look forward to see your finish of it.

Tracey said...

Hi Catherine! Beautiful stitching and those quilts are gorgeous! I awarded you a Liebster blog award- please pop by my blog and check it out!

Chris said...

Hey Catherine.
The quilt tops are beautiful.
Wow what wonderful WIPS. I love the Three Pines piece and the Brend Gervais Easter/spring piece.
I hope that you have a wonderful week :)

Hopblogger said...

So glad that you love them. The red quilt is just a simple 9 patch set on the diagonal. The red, yellow & peach quilt is called Wedding Block. The last quilt the green one is a 9 patch quilt also set regular with 4 patch blocks stripped between each row.
Am so glad you like them.
So many pretty patterns! Lovely work as always.

Hopblogger said...
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Penny said...

Those quilt tops are going to make some beautiful quilts! Three Pines does look perfect for a man cave. :)I love Romeo and the Chicks too, very colorful. I hope that your mother and husband are feeling better!

Kathy Ellen said...

How wonderful to have received three beautiful quilt tops! You must be so thrilled and excited about having them all quilted too.

My goodness, but your needles have been busy stitching so many WIP's, and your progress is great! I too alove the With Thy Needle & Thread Egg, and hope to finish it in time for Easter.

Blessings to you!

Penny said...

Catherine, I passed along the Liebster award to you. I hope you don't mind. You can see my blog for more details.

Catherine said...

Lovely projects! And those quilt tops, wow!!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, so many amazing WIPs. And the quilts are just fabulous - you are a very lucky lady!
I had a chuckle about your husband's 'man cave' lol!

Linda said...

What nice current projects you have going. You have much such good progress on them all.

Ziggyeor said...

Lovely projects. Those quilts are very nice too. I don't know how cold it gets where you are, I have one my Aunt Rose did for my bed as a little girl. It was quilted but not stuffed with anything because in FL it was too hot even in Winter.