Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little update

 I was a little busy making penny rugs for the retreat at Totino Grace Retreat Center, Cindy and Marsha put this event on twice a year once in october and again in febuary for a full week-end.
We have so much fun and such good food.
The above rug is made with real wool pieces and felted wool.
I hand stitch these all, no machine is used to do these rugs.
 The gold and black one is all wool felt, I love this one so much I am going to make one for myself next week,  the rug below is also hand done I am almost finished with this one I just need to add a few more pieces and will post a finished picture soon.
Retreat as always was a hoot, we had Tammy come and give us an update on the kits that are put together for Childrens Hospital, these are cross stitching kits with needle thread fabric and chart, a parent can stitch while visiting their child or while the child is sleeping, (these are donated kits)
We also had an  auction that is where my two kitty rugs went to, there was a little battle going on for them it was fun to see.
I did manage to make scissor fobs with beads I forgot to take pictures they also were on the auction I made five I think they were lovely and so did someone else they were all  won by bids.
We also had our stash auction this is a big hit everytime we get together, I was bidding on a couple of piles with some great patterns, but I was not the big bidder oh rats.
We played the dice game on saturday morning you get to steal from another person if you get doubles, Cindy and Marsha have a box full of goodies if you end up with nothing at the end of the game you can pick from the box, so you still get something at the end of the game.
 We had a baked potato bar for lunch on saturday it was the best the potatoes were gigantic, for dinner  we had a pasta bar it was fabulous,   we had a brunch on sunday morning with lots of yummy things to eat.
I should get going I am so tired I had a long day up at 03:30 home by 19:00.
Good night everyone.


Catherine said...

Your rugs look great! The black/gold kitties made me smile! And, I love sheep - so that one's a winner in my book!

Chris said...

The rugs are amazing!
I like them all!

Christina said...

I love the kitty rugs Catherine. They brought a smile to my face when I first saw them!
Your retreat sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we had events like that in the UK.

Penny said...

Your penny rugs are so cute, I love them and your hand stitching looks great! The retreat sounds like such a fun time and what a wonderful idea to make kits for the Childrens Hospital.

Kimmie said...

Love the black kitties!!!!