Saturday, September 18, 2010

Send Hope To Haiti

I am really trying to get cought up with my finishes, this is such a hard task.
I have time to stitch and no time for finishing, I just may need to contact Vonna to do a few finishes for me if I donot get on the band wagon soon, I wanted to post the most important finish I have done.
I finished stitching this little lovely two weeks ago, and with the loss of my most handsom prince Vern I have not had much else on my mind, you see Vern the cat was with us for 18 years he was a cat someone tried to kill my husband saved him, from this fate.
On to my finish, this is the pattern By The Bay Needleart created for the Haiti relief fund.
I wanted to make a pin cushion that I could use everyday to remind me how lucky I am that I have not had a disater like the one in Haiti.
God Bless you Donna Bayliss for creating this pattern.
Happy Stitching

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